Being given money for your birthday is the real life equivient of "Pass Go, receive $200".

  1. You just need to get wealthier people to give you birthday money. I’m sure some people get birthday money they can buy property with. I don’t think I know any of them but I’m sure they exist.

  2. "No one could roll doubles three times in a row like that, you must be cheating and therefore deserve jail!"

  3. I always hated this tile, not because you have to pay, but because of the "or 10% of your net worth" part.

  4. And the faster it goes. Christ I swear months go by like weeks used to for me now.

  5. From one person? Yeah, rich people. In total? Not that uncommon. I went to a little girl's birthday party last year, and she got around $350-400, if I recall correctly. We gave her just $5 (daughter of a friend), but she was pulling $20s pretty regularly. She got another $5 or two, a couple $10s, and one $100. So giving a child $20 is not really that much, and if the kid has a lot of gift givers, that adds up fast.

  6. Correct, and some newer editions of the game have a Community Chest card that reads "It is your birthday. Collect $10 from every player."

  7. Lol yeahhh $200 might be Xmas time from your parents but as you get older the gifts get smaller or less cause more expensive

  8. 🧧 oh wow i typed in “red envelope” and there was an emoji. But i was gonna say like some slot machines have a “red envelope jackpot”. A totally random awarded feature.

  9. So if GO is the equivalent of your birthday does that mean that the reason some years feel faster or slower is because of your rolls so lower roles, land on more spaces, feels longer despite being the same distance to GO/your Bday

  10. I hate when people complain about reports. It's my first time seeing it, and plus, even if I have seen something before, it gives me a sense of nostalgia and newfound discussion.

  11. Is my birthday. Wish someone would give me 200$. Haha, bch went up 50% overnight, guess that covers it.

  12. So what's the monopoly equivalent for not getting jack on your birthday and rather being the sole provider having to treat everyone else for the celebration? Just curious is all.

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