The cause of your death may be the end of the world.

  1. that last few humans will either have time to realize and reflect on the fact that they are the last humans that will ever live, or they won't...both are pretty scary

  2. The random tribe from the Amazon rainforest finding abandoned buildings when they have to move away because of the climate change…could be some cool movie actually

  3. If we live in a simulation that is a unique instance per person. Then yea, dying is game over, the world's existence goes from 1 to 0, and the headset comes off.

  4. Sorry the live service is shutting down. MMO2 is coming out soon so this game is being killed by the devs and the greedy people who own all the good items.

  5. Idk what exaxtly OP means by “end of the world”, but the Earth will always continue. It has wiped life before and it can and will do it again. Everything we worry about , climate change, nukes, etc are about us. We’re weak, the Earth will always adapt and life will find some way to adapt and exist in whatever conditions. So, by that definition I guess it’s MMO.

  6. I’m ok with the idea that I live in a simulation, I just want the opportunity to chose the next one I’m in.

  7. Bruh, I'm a millennial, I'm fully aware of this fact. So much so that I darkly joke that climate change is my retirement plan.

  8. The world is pretty resilient. I was watching the new PBS special on thr last day of the dinosaurs, and it showed in (occasionally surprisingly graphic) detail how devastating that meteorite impact was. And yet life on Earth survived, and the rest of the universe probably didn't notice that anything had happened at all. So the last day of your life could be the end of the universe, but most likely it will only be the end of your universe.

  9. That's like the ultimate way to go right? You beat everything else the world threw at you that the world had to end in order to kill you.

  10. Heard a really loud boom about 2 months ago and thought great Russia nuked us now I'm going to have to decide for myself and my babies if suicide is better than dying of starvation with radiation burns

  11. Look up how to survive a nuclear blast. Unless you live downtown in a major metro area, it’s likely possible you could survive and be (more or less) fine.

  12. This would be great, I could finally die without missing out on anything happening in the future. What a dream.

  13. Maybe. But the chances of that are ludicrously small, and there’s nothing you can do about it, so no worries.

  14. Only if your name is Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austro-Hungary... Two shots which killed more than 100 Million people. Wow.

  15. Not the end of the world (I highly doubt I'll live to a planet-destroying event; I'd die before then), but possibly the end of human civilization or humanity. I'm more concerned about the in-between stuff that isn't quite enough to kill me, but is too much to recover in a generation or two.

  16. This has been on my mind a lot lately, with the multitude of environmental disasters we are seeing. Hell scape death seems a lot more likely to me than old age these days, then again, I could die walking across the street tomorrow.

  17. There's an anthology called Machine of Death compiling short stories around the concept of there being a machine that tells you how you die by printing a word or phrase on a little paper. One of the first short stories is about how high schoolers form cliques around how they'll die and a girl finally gets her reading (because you have to be 16 or something iirc) and she gets "heat death of the universe"

  18. Based from. A quantum metaphysics perspective this is absolutely what happens at your death . It’s the end of your world yet it’s not .

  19. You are brainwashed. Lol you’re actually thinking Russia is nuking us and that you need to commit suicide. Holy crap the media had taken complete control

  20. It is very arrogant of people to think that they are important enough to see the world end within their lifetime. We are more likely to see the extinction of humanity than the end of earth, and the end of humanity is not the end of the world. You are ultimately an infinitely small grain of sand in the hypothetical sand clock of this world's lifespan.

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