It’s not weird when boobs are pressed against you while hugging, but it is if a dick is.

  1. Putting the irrelevant comparison aside (vagina, not boobs, would be equal to dick)...boobs are literally right there on the chest. It's kinda hard not to press them against someone unless you do a side hug.

  2. And well, the same thing can be said for guys. But I’m assuming the situation is if the guy gets an accident “hard on”. There’s nothing he can do. It’s super unfortunate.

  3. Also the size of boobs don’t change when you get aroused and dicks do. And boobs are (normally) able to be felt in a hug when the owner is not aroused whereas dicks aren’t.

  4. also, a hard dick sends a different message but some women will push their boobs into a shoulder or arm or elbow on purpose so idk what i’m talking about

  5. With a bra and shirt over them it’s just not something you think about imo unless you’re stupidly horny atm

  6. OP is kinda sus. I don't get that intimate with female friends and family while hugging to feel their breasts against me. How hard and close is he hugging them? Lol.

  7. One of my wife’s friends needed a breast reduction due to constant back pain. Even post-op, I notice hers every single time because they’re a literal obstacle course. She’s also very proud of them and tends to flaunt, so I guess that’s not helping. Outside of her and my wife, I’ve thought about it maybe a handful of times over the last 25 years that I would have cared.

  8. When forced into a hug that is not my hubby, I lean forward so that maybe just a shoulder touches if anything. Just kinda pat a couple times

  9. As a guy, when I hug women, even very busty women, I generally don’t even notice the feeling of their breasts against my body. However, If I’m dancing with or being intimate with a woman, and I’m against her for a prolonged period of time, then I’ll notice them.

  10. Well, you don't have arms on your hips, so there's no need to thrust anyone with your dick or or vagina when hugging.

  11. There's all those studies about human contact being really important for survival, but there are still a fair amount of people who just prefer not to be touched. We are a very wide spectrum of species.

  12. boobs are harder to avoid, given they are front and center (so to speak). if you are mashing your dick into someone, idk. your posture is bad.

  13. I disagree. When hugging another woman I intentionally crouch so there is no boobie contact; conversely I lean into the crotch of men when hugging. This was all a joke, except the boobie part

  14. Wait so you crouch below their chest when hugging, that needs a large height difference between you and the one being hugged

  15. Apples to oranges, well in this case bananas. Anyway yeah this is like saying putting food in your mouth is normal but sticking it up your butt is weird. Like yeah no shit, whats your point?

  16. Yea, it’s also weird if someone presses their vagina against you when hugging, which is a much better comparison that actually makes sense.

  17. It's only weird if you're not into dick. Maybe you should consider not hugging dicks if that's the case.

  18. ...what? Underneath the skin there's specialized tissue that serves unique biological functions. That's kind of like saying ears are bags of skin.

  19. Boobs have sexual connotations because we (speaking from an American perspective) as a patriarchal society decided they do.

  20. I’m completely uncomfortable letting anyone besides my kids and spouse hug me with my breast pressed against them . Either a side hug or hand shake depending on who it is

  21. Because boobs are just there and you cant do much about them meanwhile the cock you can feel it mostly when youre hard.

  22. Well yeah that implies the other person is aroused if you feel a dick while hugging someone. Boobs are just there and don’t get bigger or smaller depending on arousal, so it’s normal.

  23. i kind of get why it’s weird for a dick, but idk. folks with dicks get erections for completely nonsexual reasons all the time as far as i understand. it’s involuntary. so while i would be weirded out by it, i wouldn’t assume the person with their erection pressing against me was inherently some kind of creep or pervert.

  24. I’ve never noticed a dick pressed against me… doesn’t it seem like if you do, you’re hugging wrong? Lol

  25. Wtf kind of power-thrust, "my dick walks through the room before me", pelvis pulverize hugs are you doing, my dude? I dig it

  26. Well for the dick to be felt it has to be hard, which means you are aroused which yes, can be weird. Boobs are in the same state all the time

  27. A dick has to stick out to press against you, but boobs just come hand-in-hand with hugs, and I’m all for it.

  28. Boobs pressed up against me is kind of weird. I never get that intimate with female friends and family members, where my body is literally that close during a hug. How are you hugging people OP?

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