Unwanted children result in more taxes being used to support them and the biggest anti-choice advocates are the churches, who don't pay taxes.

  1. More tax to be paid by all of us isn’t an issue for GQP. It is a feature. This way, wealth can be further distributed among the 0.01% of rich and powerful. More underserved population create more hateful ignorant voters for them, more religious followers(the right kind), and economic slaves if not full blown slaveries. Win, win , WIN for them.

  2. You know what this reminded me of? Back in highschool, I was part of a youth club called Youth For Christ. And in one of our many retreats, they made as watcha video of abortion.

  3. It’s because it’s not about religion. I hear this sentiment spread around like wildfire. For some people it’s religion, but for others, it’s moral obligation. If you believe life starts at conception and don’t adamantly fight against abortions, then you are a bad person. As much as everyone likes to think those on the right want to control women and violate their bodily autonomy, it’s not about that. That’s a strawman argument used to make the right look worse in regards to abortion. I say this as someone who is pro-choice.

  4. That’s not true, I’m not sure why people keep saying that. I assume you’re referring to Numbers 5, but all it says is to mix dust with water. That doesn’t cause an abortion. It’s about God placing a curse on the wife if she was unfaithful

  5. And the Supreme court just said that tax dollars could also be used to fund private religious schools. bull shit. I went to catholic school...it should not be a tax funder things unless public schools are fuly funded for all they need first

  6. The Catholic church taught withdrawal and considered condoms the work of the devil. Huge Catholic families were impossible to feed on the wage of one man. Very often, mother died on childbirth on her 10th or 12th child. The resulting orphans were treated very badly in church childrens homes.

  7. I don’t know who this message is meant for, but the honest answer is, they don’t care. As long as they get to run the place based on their religion, they are totally fine. They like complaining, creating a burden on the system gives them more to complain about.

  8. Yes they dont care. Churches are responsible for the vast majority of charity and adoptions done in the US. But yeah, they dont care.

  9. Prison. You forgot fill the for profit prisons and that feeds the machine within a 5-10yr horizon. Adults and juveniles.

  10. Churches don't pay income tax, but they have to empty their pool by year end, which means they have to pay people or buy goods/services, who pay taxes.

  11. Great! Sign me up for that plan too. I pay no taxes and have to spend all my money by the end of the year. I’ll make sure to cry about it on my boat.

  12. I’m not trying to be an asshole, I’m young and still learning. I’m just curious why killing a pregnant woman is double homicide if an unborn baby isn’t a person

  13. For almost 2 years people gladly said “Don’t like vaccine mandates? Move to a state that doesn’t have them!” Well, same applies here

  14. Maybe dont have unproteced sex, the vast majority if abortions are unwanted pregnancies not rape as most of these people wpuld have you believe

  15. Also a lot of these people are horribly racist against low income ethnic minorities. Who are people that take advantage of these services the most. Conservatives love making broken systems and then punish people who are a result of their failed systems.

  16. That's how the church of scientology works in Clearwater FL. They have bought up huge amounts of realestate and they back charter schools so they have more sway in local politics.

  17. Why is it whenever liberals run into the consequences of their actions they think killing is the only solution? They also can't seem to understand the concept of adoption or not screwing each other. They also like to come up with weird scenarios that rarely happen, to support their view of killing babies. You are against animal cruelty, some of you are vegans that won't eat eggs, but human babies are parasites that have no value?

  18. Think of the Christian church like a death cult. Even unwanted children can "seek" salvation, and are more likely to do so through suffering and and lack of education and opportunities. Basically, they want more unwanted children so they can feed their god those eternal souls via a lifetime of societal cruelty. The money, beyond allowing pastors that private jet time, keeps the soul train going.

  19. any politician that votes in favor of or writes any legislation in favor of forcing births must make payments towards assistance for people with children who can't care for them and towards foster care funding and towards schools... can we please find the lobbyists and any rich person anti-choice and require them to pay into this like I'm so done and I'm not even a woman

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