Looking to add a P226 to my collection. Which model will be more valuable in the future?

  1. I’d get the 226 elite. About the same price as the mk25, but has a lot of the upgrades the legion has (SRT trigger and sights). May not meet the “valuable in the future” aspect, but IMO it’s the happy middle ground of the two

  2. Depends do you want a Legion with the nice grips, frame color, the option to have it have a safety instead of a decocker, do you want single Action only or do you like double action single action?

  3. I got a p226 legion - just noticed yesterday the cerakote job wasn’t complete on the slide. Just lubed it up with ballistol. Got it because people said it would hold value better in the long run. However now I am itching to have a mk25 as well. I would say start with a mk25. It’s a great shooter. You can get a legion later on if you really desire it and you can go either 226 or 229. Would also like to get a 229 but if they have it - in the Equinox scheme.

  4. Neither will go up in value. MK25 will probably lose less in used trade-in value though. Pre CoV used (LNIB) Legions we're $800. There's a lot of Legions out there right now. I don't see nearly as many MK25's.

  5. Are you looking to buy to use or trade/sell? If you actually plan on actually using it buy either/both - don’t go the way of comic book speculators…

  6. I love my Mk25 but I immediately bought the SRT kit. The Mk25 doesn't have a lot of major upgrades. The night sites and chrome lined phosphate internals are the only big main ones I can think of.

  7. I've a 226 but it's just a regular Nitron(sp.?) Sights dont glow..its 357sig. Might look into a 9mm barrel as 357sig is hard for me to find at a good price. I'd think the Legion but the mk25 more rust proofed, correct? I dont plan on letting my sig EVER rust.

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