Any 322 owners find this in their barrels? I think it's lead, I cannot get it out with clp.

  1. Right! Definitely irritating. Thing is my 10/22 is damn near spotless and I'm over 1k rounds. But it is a rifle.

  2. Shoot a bunch of copper coated ammo through it and it'll clear it out, it's what I do instead of cleaning it

  3. Get you a copper Chore Boy scrubber and pull out a few strands . Wrap those around your bore brush and apply liberal elbow grease along with a good solvent. Scrub til clean.

  4. Just shoot the hell out of it and don’t worry about it. Like dsmerdz said, Shoot a bunch of copper jacketed and have fun cleaning the lead out.

  5. Plug the other end of the barrel Stand it so solvent can work on it Let it soak a few hours Hoppes does good for me.

  6. I'll have to get some, I normally just use clp. I've been soaking it daily, laying it on each side, standing it in the shooting position, everything. I was sadly disappointed to find this barrel pinned in.

  7. I was thinking about a heat gun or soldering iron. The 322 looks like it's pinned in, in a couple spots. It's definitely not as easy as the 365 or 320.

  8. I had this same issue when shooting some crappy Winchester ammo through my glock 44 and I just filled the barrel with hoppes #9 and got a copper bore brush and just went back and forth through the barrel, it took about 20 passes and then I ran a bore snake through it and it was good as new again

  9. Good to hear, I'm definitely not going to use Winchester again, I was mostly testing the gun and trying to get rid of the ammo. Looks like I may need to get some actual solvents. I currently only have clp. Which, to me just looks and feels like oil.

  10. It sucks to hear so many stories about this exact problem but it is a little reassuring I'll get this figured out.

  11. Tac22 first about 50rd, than federal mostly, followed by about 80rds of Winchester white, that's when I started noticing the bullets tumbling.

  12. Never mind the people tell you to apply heat to your gun thats some bullshit. Just use one part vinegar to one part hydrogen peroxide. let it sit for 10 minutes then run a brush. Please use gloves and don't pore the solution down your drain. Put the cup aside and let it evaporate then trash the cup.

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