I corrupted my legacy family save game file with an outdated Basemental Mod :( I was on generation 5 of a longtime gameplay, opened the save file after an update, and it said some content couldn't be loaded, now every single door on every property is missing! Even in apartments - which you cant edit

  1. that's not save file corruption, luckily. it just means you saved while doors were missing because of the mod. if you roll back to an earlier version (assuming you didn't save more than five times) from before doors went missing, it will be fine.

  2. Hey thank you so much for this information. Sorry as I'm about to sound so ignorant, but I didn't know you could roll back up to 5 times? Is this a new feature they implemented. Is it a little sub-option on the saved game file icon?

  3. I'm confused when ppls save file gets corrupted why don't they not save or revert to an older save.

  4. Yesss mine is also missing doors! And there's this annoying "double click" thing (it used to be just 1 click)... which is preventing me from doing most things...

  5. I removed all of my mods (not cc just mods like master controller, wickedwhims, etc) and then downloaded the newest one of each. this fixed the remainder of my games, and new games but my saved game i had open was already corrupt :(

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