Guys guys, what if there was a pack for Trailer Park living?

  1. Agreed. I love the one trailer lot but it would be so much better if there were a couple so there was actual neighbours!

  2. Maybe something like backwoods Appalachia meets Occult and local folklore? Everyone there knows of the witch in the woods who practices the old magic, the creatures who come onto the porch at night, the ones who only get you if you look at them, etc. The history there could make for some epic expansion packs. Just sayin 🤷‍♀️

  3. I think this would make a great refresh for "Outdoor Retreat"! Destination worlds are pretty much obsolete now that Mt. Komorebi came around and gave us the possibility to build rental lots in any world we want to, so it would make sense for Maxis to convert Granite Falls in a residential world (and Selvadorada as well), and add another neighbourhood on the map for trailer parks and the like, besides the already existing camping neighbourhood.

  4. As someone who grew up occasionally living in trailer parks, this comment section is kinda weird. I think this is a neat idea overall, though.

  5. Yeah...I hate to say this, but as someone who grew up broke I thought of the whole "trust-fund hipster who sees being poor as living rustic" thing. Not saying that's what anyone here actually is, but that's the vibe.

  6. I am 100% with you in this. As an Appalachian I grow tired of poor people being the butt of so many jokes. And sometimes it’s not even poor people-just people that choose to live simply. These kind of light hearted jokes quickly turn into something harmful.

  7. Yeah I don’t really get what the hype is about as this being a pack. I think at most, it would be a kit. You can pretty much use Newcrest to build the perfect trailer park. But to me what makes the world worth playing in is the beauty and that’s why I have my main home in Glimmerbrook.

  8. Lol yeah same. I’d love a trailer pack but it would need to have positive trailer stuff in it as well. I lived a little trailer with my mom and sister and have nothing but good memories of it— super cozy, the sound of rain on a metal roof, tons of other kids to play with. It did have a carpeted bathroom though…

  9. As someone who has lived in a trailer park, and lives in a trailer now (by choice) I would love this! I was saying that I thought that it would be amazing if we had a more 'southern' style pack that also incorporates carnivals. I live in Alabama and we have a ton of county fairs, traveling carnivals and things like that. It would be super neat to have things like fair games and mechanical bulls! My Career idea for this pack was a racecar driver. Starting out on a dirt track and working way up to nascar lol. I thought that it would be nice to have a map that maybe had a small trailer park, a little suburb, and then a stadium (for the races) even if its just a rabbit hole it would look nice on the map.

  10. I don’t know. I think this could easily slip into making fun of poor people. I think this comment section is really weird. Maybe it’s because I grew up and currently live in Appalachia and have lived in a mobile home. Not everyone who lives in a trailer is a meth head or a redneck in the cartoonish sense that is normally portrayed. I am not trying to criticize anyone here because I know that these are all jokes, but sometimes these kind of jokes turn into really harmful stereotypes.

  11. 100% Agree. While a well done pack would be nice, these comments make me really sad. People assume that they know the kind of people who live in trailer parks, when in reality they don't. They know a caricature of what they've seen on TV, all mashed together into a harmful stereotype. There are many people who live in trailers/trailer parks by choice, or by necessity, and they come from all walks of life. In truth, a trailer park can end up being one of the most diverse places full of people from all walks of life. I live in south alabama, so it may be a little different than Appalachia, but there are so many things that could be incorporated into a pack like this made to CELEBRATE the the culture, not make fun of it, but I have a feeling that it wouldnt be what people in these comments have in mind....

  12. yeah, I agree it can easily slide into pushing harmful stereotypes and making fun of poor people. I think having it as a building option would be ok, and tbh the occult and folklore parts some people have suggested would be pretty cool. but the whole treating people who live in trailer parks as a punching bag?? I'm definetely not into it.

  13. Right? this comment section is bizarre. again we don’t need to have the game be a full life simulation by introducing systems of oppression as well. trailers as a living option is great— a pack based on harmful stereotypes of real people is pretty villainous

  14. I think a pack celebrating Appalachian culture would be great. Having said that, the approach some people in this thread are proposing is a bit weird, to say the least, and it sounds more like poverty tourism and stereotypes that actually celebrating the culture of the Appalachian people. These stereotypes are actually harmful. People who live in trailer parks or who find themselves in a similar situation are real people, with real lives, problems and feelings, too. They don't deserve to be the laughing stock of a computer game. I do want to add that I don't think this was anyone's intention at all! I'm just giving my two cents about this.

  15. I would love an Appalachian culture/content pack! (Can we get possums to go through the trash like racoons do?) But all that's being described in most of this thread is giving off such a weird, no thanks, vibe.

  16. I’ve been thinking it would be cool if each world had a campsite of sorts like in Granite Falls but instead of tents they could have RVs that they can customize the interior and the pullout canopy area outside the RV. That way sims could live in each world and travel around whenever they wanted.

  17. a lot of these comments and ideas are really weird…poverty is not an aesthetic, and to assume that everybody who lives in a trailer park whether by choice or necessity is “trailer trash”/addicted to meth/“messy” is just really fucking gross and I’m honestly shocked by how widespread this mentality seems. do you seriously not realise how disgustingly ignorant and naïve you all sound?

  18. Exactlyyy. I’m not a fan of how socially acceptable it is to make fun of poor people and people who live in rural areas, especially when those areas are in the American South or Appalachia. Those are real people with real lives. I admit I used to find those jokes funny as a kid until I grew up a bit and saw how much it hurt my family members to get hit with jokes about incest or whatever the latest “funny redneck stereotype” is. I don’t trust EA to make a pack like this tbh, though I think some of the ideas could be integrated in respectful ways (cryptid hunting and more paranormal stuff, celebrations of Appalachian culture, more off-the-grid options, more run-down/lived-in surroundings to add realism to starter homes and older buildings, trailer parks as a legitimate living option without the weird stereotype junk). But I really don’t want EA to make anything that basically amounts to a “Fun with Poverty” pack :/

  19. yeah, and the paranoid trait from Strangerville already allows you to share conspiracy theories. i doubt they’d ever make a pack with these kinds of features just cause it is so similar to one we already have. i doubt the team would make another “my first pet” scandal.

  20. As someone who lives in a trailer park now I’m into this idea and I think the stereotypes could be a lot of fun to play around with, if done right. but based off of this comment section I don’t think that is the case. :(

  21. Very true, there were other commenters with the same concern, especially when it came to the comments left on this post.

  22. As someone who grew up in trailer parks I love this idea!! In the meantime though, Ravasheen has a set of CC to make lil RVs with if you use CC and it looks really good.

  23. I think the idea of mobile living could be a fun one to explore, but I think they'd steer away from some of the other things you've described here. I can see a few people who live in trailer homes, through no fault of their own, being offended by the conspiracy type stuff.

  24. I wouldn’t be interested but not every pack has to fit everyone’s gameplay! (Something that a lot of people forget…)

  25. As long as they include a new grill item with either “propane and propane accessories” or “I’ll tell you h’wat” in the item description, I’m in.

  26. That’d be really fun! I currently live in an rv, and it’s great! I’d like the option to be on personally property, in the woods, in a park, etc. just sounds awesome and something I do. I love the way you designed said pack :)

  27. I would love a pack like this, give me little pink flamingos for my yard! It would be really fun pairing it with Tiny Living and get a few trailers on the same lot for different families. I would have so much fun with those story lines and potential drama.

  28. There was a dude living in a mobile home in one of the GameCube games. It was really just a small and long house though.

  29. I love this. A trailer park pack would be ideal in Oasis Springs and since that’s the only place I build and play… lol

  30. I love this! I have made a trailer park before but it's hard enough to make legit like RVs and caravans. I really hope this becomes a thing. A sim bigfoot as an Easter egg, would be ace for the cryptozoology.

  31. The trailer parks could be little open neighborhoods with an editable park/playground. The park/playground is funded by the household funds of whichever household you are playing in the neighborhood at the time. Every so often a creature of the occult could pop by causing some mayhem or leaving clues to their existence (with a setting to remove "lot damage" from their visit).

  32. As a non-american, I don't know what a trailer park is and don't get most comments on here, so I don't think it would be a good pack for the rest of us from, you know, the rest of the world. This big thing outside the US.

  33. You’re right, I would love this pack but I agree we do need more packs from around the world!! I think there’s a ton of things that I love about the south that are influenced from around the world. Instead of Nascar, Indy Cars, instead of a southern fair maybe something like a Parisian carnival, instead of rodeos, maybe some kind of spanish bull fighting celebration! Instead of football games, fútbol games you can actually attend. For me it’s not about capturing something exactly as it is, it’s about the feelings these things can bring you.

  34. That and lack of horses (along with the non open world concept) is my major beef with Sims 4 ngl. I've "fixed" it with cc but it isnt the same.

  35. I would love that mainly because that would hopefully force them to make a ton of lots for a world because trailer parks are huge usually

  36. I'd love this! I'm a fan of tiny houses and I've built some in the game. Thinking about your ideia I guess my rv park would be slowly taken over by hipsters, gentrified and prices would be going up, slowly pushing the original residents to far away areas, as the coffee shops, barber shops and bike lanes took over lol I hate it now

  37. I like it. I think a mobile home pack is the most likely we could get. Maybe a new lot type and then some decor that makes senes for a mobile home. (Though, that is really similar to tiny living). I like the idea of adding a folklore element to it.

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