How are we all doing this Christmas Eve?

  1. I'm alone today and Christmas morning. I don't see my daughter probably until dinner time tomorrow. This will be my first Christmas eve and morning alone ever. I woke up depressed and I've already cried twice today.

  2. I blew my budget out this month and if my Mint app emails me my failures one more time I’ll work out. Merry Christmas y’all!

  3. It does feel weird not to spend this evening with family (in the traditional sense). 1st Christmas with just my daughter and I just wish I could have some adult time. Maybe watch a movie, drink some wine, take a bath etc.

  4. These last two Christmases have been weird. Usually we’d be getting ready to go to my aunt’s or my parents’ house (they alternate years). I’m doing nothing, just cleaning the house, while my daughter is with her dad at his gf’s mom’s house.

  5. I live with my mom because my ex and I broke up while I was pregnant. He doesn’t pay any court ordered child support and rarely watches her. She’s 7 months old now and I’m currently on disability which ends soon. I don’t ask my mom to watch her because she has her own codependent issues and seems overwhelmed when I do. She told me last night she feels trapped and I just worry so much she’s gonna tell me she doesn’t wanna live with us anymore when I really have nowhere else to go rn and live in a high cost city and haven’t yet secured a job.

  6. I’m so sorry. This is extremely difficult, and the holidays make it even more so. Everything will be okay in the long run, but it’s the getting to that that point is hard. Im rooting for you.

  7. Daughter is at her fathers until tomorrow afternoon. I’m sad and I miss her, but it gives me time to get last minute things done and take a nap. Have to see the silver lining sometimes.

  8. My child is 9 months so this is his first christmas holiday. Unfortunately, I don't have the money to pay for presents for him to enjoy but that's okay christmas isn't really a holiday in my household anymore.

  9. Hi! I just wanted to ease your mind a bit in case you feel guilty, I think I wrapped clothes or something for my under one year olds. They had no interest in Christmas yet! So, hold your head up and next year will be better!

  10. Well I am working at Urgent Care til 1. My son went with his father and father's gf til 5 tomorrow. Last night I stayed up til 1 wrapping gifts. Little man woke up this morning in a great mood. I miss him already, but he is having a great day from what his dad has told me. I do need the rest, as I am recovering from a nasty cold. I'll nap when I get home and then spend the later evening with my bf, as his two kids are with their mother.

  11. Having to work on Christmas Eve sucks. Especially when having to deal with the public. I’m glad you get to enjoy some alone time with your boyfriend! As much as you both miss your kids, it’s hard to find time alone with each other. Merry Christmas!

  12. All three of us have come down with covid over the last few days. Luckily we've just cold-like symptoms rather than anything too debilitating but it does mean we've had to cancel all the plans to visit friends and family.

  13. Just discovered, 2 hours ago, that my hot water heater is leaking. And found out that my family is all doing things with the other sides of their families tomorrow. So, housework, and old school hot water (pot on the stove), flying solo for this guy for Christmas. Kids are both going to their mom's houses. On the upside, I have a house, a job, spending the day with my kids, and eventually, I'll pay off my credit card. I have more to he thankful for, than not.

  14. This is my first Christmas without my kids in our house. The last couple of years Christmas has fallen on “my days” and I’ve allowed my ex over to do presents with them. This year is “his day” and he’s being a jackass. I’m allowed over in the morning to see them now at least.

  15. All things considered, it's going well. Im stressed how I will pay down my credit cards after though. 3 teens here and not a dime of support for a year from their dad.

  16. I missed the whole week before Christmas because my ex refused to return our child to my house, he finally dropped off at my parents house an hour ago or should I say two houses away and made our child walk in the dark down a main road to my parents as he likes to hide his girlfriend, like we even care??

  17. I miss my kiddo and I’m exhausted. I had one Christmas with parents and cousins today, another with my kiddo’s dad’s family tomorrow after I pick him up, and then my immediate family Christmas on the 26th. I’ve barely started with the celebrations for this weekend and I am BEAT. It is also really hard that I won’t be with him in the morning.

  18. I'm tired of being alone for the holidays. I have no family, my ex can't be bothered to do anything for our son, and I'm trying to make my son's holidays special in a way mine never were. I just want a friend, I need to take a day to myself and need to get through until the new year. I need to rebuild my village.

  19. Im lucky to have a wonderful family but the ex came by today to see our daughter. I got her dressed up so he can take pics and act like father of the year with his girlfriend of the month. While not contributing a damn thing throughout the year. Shit annoys the fuck out of me.

  20. Understandable. It’s so frustrating knowing your child’s other parent only uses them to make themselves look better. This happens a lot with my daughter as well, but as she gets older, she sees it herself and refuses to be a part of it! I’m sorry, it really does suck!

  21. I buried my dad, and my sons grandpa yesterday. It was so sudden and 100% unexpected. My son was desperate to get Santa on the phone today so he’d know not to bring grandpas presents. I’m over the holiday.

  22. It’s a bit depressing. I’m extremely grateful for to be alive and for the life & good health of my family but I often wonder how many holidays I’ll spend alone. I don’t want to think that way but I’m a bit lonely.

  23. My dad's side of the family ended up with covid so my daughter and I will be on our own on Xmas day, and it's very last minute to find this out so I'm not even sure what we'll eat for dinner.

  24. I don't really celebrate holidays. My family has always been filled with drunks and drama that I've never enjoyed it even as a kid. I usually try to make food and let the kids open one present on Christmas eve

  25. I yelled at my little over nothing, getting wet shoes on the rug and then not coming to me without pausing the TV. I realized I was projecting, the ex terror that I would mess up her rug. And it's my fault he's hooked on TV during break, coupled with special needs that he manages incredibly well but still make him a little OCD. It was all my fault. I cried and hated myself while baking and doing dishes. I apologized a million times, he said he was okay, but I know he was hurt. Finally we came to each other and he laid on me on the couch watching TV and I felt him relax. I knew we were okay. I relaxed. We had a nice loving evening after that. Now he's in bed and I'm upset all over again. I know I'm not going to be perfect, but I'm self aware, and it still sucks knowing I hurt him on a special night, even if only for 20m. I hate myself but I also know better. It's our first holidays alone together. They were really his mom's thing. She sucks and I'm really angry at her for hurting us and having to support him idolizing her. His visits with her are just sugar, presents, and TV. I'm lonely and depressed and in a slump. I'm not giving him everything he deserves but I know I need to recharge. I wish I had help

  26. I truly understand the guilt that comes with scolding your child. It’s been a rough couple of years, and I’ve found myself getting angry over insignificant things. It is a horrible feeling. But every incident like that is a learning experience. Parenting isn’t easy, especially on your own. You’re doing an excellent job!!!

  27. My children are with their father for Christmas this year. I decided that I would volunteer as an overnight host at an area homeless shelter for Christmas Eve... I can say with 100% certainty that I will be leaving tomorrow morning infinitely more grateful than when I arrived. I'm going home to a clean, quiet, safe place.

  28. My son was sick so I told the dad. He takes it as I’m canceling the visit out of spite. I beg him to see his child. He ignores me. How much sense does that make?

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