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  1. Back in the 2020 “idk why school still opens when there’s virus outside “ was a big thing. Seeing e repost from 2020 surely confuses me ngl it feels like a time machine.

  2. You listen to some people, they really did shut down the entire world. Whoever “they” is of course

  3. Weren’t they going to close Hogwarts before Harry Potter and Company went down and defeated the Basilisk?

  4. Yeah. I gave the magic stuff a pass because it's a magical world, and the amount of danger they put those kids in seemed odd at the time. I get it now though.

  5. "Can I go to Hogsmeade to buy sweets?" "No, you've no permission slip." "Can I put myself and my friends in mortal peril every term, to thwart the dark lord and his minions?" "Sure. Crack on. Do you need a packed lunch?"

  6. A wing of my school got condemned and students were told to go into it by staffers for the next week to help move shit.

  7. Dumbledore: If we must remain open, all students shall be required to wear glasses so that if they see the monster they will be merely petrified and not killed

  8. in my elementary school teacher made us come in the day after some insane dude came into our school and shot himself

  9. Harry Potter was a prep for the current state of the Republican party, with the children representing general society, including some of those Republicans.

  10. The school didn't know about the snake until it started attacking. It was very irresponsible to keep it open after they found out but it's not like they said "let's open with a giant snake on the loose". It should also be pointed that the giant snake had been locked in a secret dungeon only accessible through a first floor bathroom so it wasn't exactly loose.

  11. 2022 looking at New York/san Francisco establishments. Oh, people will go down there even if they know there is a monster.

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