[Product Question] Check and Stop Using if Your Products Contain These Ingredients, EURO-NApre.

  1. Well, shit. 2 of the products I have are in this list: Papa Recipe Bombee Honey Pudding Cream and Isntree AHA 8% Essence (which I just bought but haven't used). :(

  2. Used to use quite a few of these products - Manyo Factory, Benton, Goodal, CLE cosmetics, Mediheal, Eclado, Yuri Pibu, Secret Key - and I have some Benton steam cream and cacao mild samples sitting on my desk right now. O__o Also got a Nacific sheet mask, with the same serum as one listed.

  3. RE:P Bio Fresh Mask with Calming Herbs is on the list, too. I got that in my Ipsy bag several months ago. :(

  4. I've been using the TonyMoly Double Needs Pang Pang tubing mascara (the Volume one) and it's amazing! Gave me such good volume and does not flake or smudge at all despite having been active/touching my eyes and even shed tears lol yet was easily removable!

  5. So there haven't been any tests done on the EURO-NApre from a direct source? Curious to see if this is a case of resellers cutting the product with sub-par/dangerous ingredients to make a higher profit.

  6. This preservative blend is used by quite a few Korean brands unfortunately Benton, Manyo Factory, Olivarrier, off the top of my head these are the only ones I can think of.

  7. Wow. This is surprising! I thought this case would only affect small yet popular brands. Industry players should have long-term financial resources to perform standard measures for batches of their raw materials before mass production. IT Cosmetics is owned by L’oreal! Do they have a production line in China or Korea?

  8. Was that the only IT cosmetics one you spotted? Confidence in a cream is my absolute favorite moisturizer and I like the confidence in a cleanser as well and their redness reducer moisturizer. I will have to take a look and make sure I don't have anything on the list.

  9. For those who don't know: this isn't the first time a "natural" plant extract preservative has been found to be working not because of its innate ability but because of contaminants and pesticides in the extract or because the extract is chemically processed in a way that coverts it into a different "chemical" preservative. I wish companies would just stick to normal "scary sounding" preservatives.

  10. I'm not doubting you at all but I am really curious, do you have examples you can share? I'd like to read up more on it but wouldn't know where to start.

  11. Sorry to be a sceptic, but this could very well be China trying to cut into the Korean skincare market. I wouldn’t immediately throw everything out, and wait for second sources.

  12. Seriously, it’s ridiculous how quickly people are jumping on this bandwagon. This was an article written by a single scientist - if that’s even his real occupation. If the other person‘s translation of the scientist’s “name” into Mr. Know-A-Little is correct, we have no idea who this person is or what their credentials are. There’s no indication that this is a peer reviewed study. This is was not published on a reputable website. I agree that this is far more likely to be Chinese propaganda than anything else.

  13. At first I thought this too but then they mention this is also in Chinese products and that we can test for ourselves, which LabMuffin will be doing to check.. waiting for her findings!

  14. I agree that people should wait to throw things out and keep an eye on the issue but I’m skeptical of your theory that this must be an underhanded tactic from China to break into the skin care market. Have you seen any Chinese skin care products being pushed on the market lately? Or does this feeling just come from the subtle but omnipresent anti-China propaganda that is frequently circulated by Western governments.

  15. Okay but did anyone actually read the "blog"?? All of the sources are in Chinese. It broke into cyanide when exposed to light, heat, AND acid. The combination of the 3 are just plant preservatives.......

  16. Wow this is totally surprising. I mostly see these ingredients used by “clean and natural” Korean brands, like Benton, Isntree, Sidmool,... I’m even using one from Benton.

  17. Tbh I don't think the amount of cyanide is that high. I'm sure it depends on the product and its individual concentration of EURO-NApre, but the cleansing wipes they tested had a cyanide concentration of 3.5ppm = 3.5mg/l. As a comparison, the limit in drinking water in the US is 0.2mg/l. If my math is correct, you'd get the same amount in 1ml of product as in a mere tablespoon of water.

  18. So I work in environmental protection, and I have a degree in chemistry. You're right about the Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) for cyanide in drinking water, but you shouldn't assume that all drinking water contains the max amount of cyanide. Honestly most of the water systems don't have cyanide at all. The drinking water limit is set at such a low concentration, because cyanide is one of those things where no amount is really great for you.

  19. Trying to follow, so these 3 ingredients (when all present at the same time) are hidden preservatives in plant extracts that are toxic??

  20. It's not the plant extracts, those are the ingredients that some company is saying they're using to make a preservative, but they're lying. If all 3 are present in the ingredients, it's because they were listed separately rather than as the preservative compound.

  21. It's also possible they got fake products from unauthorized distributors. The color of the product in the picture don't match the campaign picture.

  22. This seems to be the best news we are all hoping - that he sourced the EURO-NApre samples from evil resellers substituted the products with harmful substances. And it so happened that the cleansing wipe product he tested was also sourcing from one of the evil resellers, not the actual EURO-NApre manufacturer in Korea. This ending poses the least damage to the beauty industry.

  23. Just out of curiosity OP, why is this your only post? Your reddit account is 1 day old. This is the only thing you have posted and cross posted. Alot of fear is being stirred up and possibly for good reason, but I have to question the authenticity of this post after seeing others comments and reactions to your information.

  24. Hello! I am a scientist. I don't do cosmetic chemistry, but I do work in environmental protection and have a chemistry degree. If I had products with these ingredients I would stop use, but not necessarily throw them out yet. I'd wait to see what the brands have to say after completing their own testing. Basically the article just said that of the solution he tested in both the isolate and the wipes, there weren't any of the supposed "natural preservatives". When he ran the HNMR it only showed a water spike. If it actually had the natural ingredients it claimed there would have been a lot more spikes. So, safe or not, the product he tested still doesn't contain what it claims to contain. NOW I have no idea where the brands affected source their EURO-NApre. What he tested might have been counterfeit ingredients and a low quality product that used counterfeit ingredients. We really have no way of knowing. That's why I would personally hold off using/trashing stuff until brands release statements.

  25. Yeah luckily as I use some of their products! A good sign is that they aren't pushing the whole "natural" movement thing.

  26. This is shocking! Just bought the Benton toner with green tea and it seems safe, but one wonders about the brand!! My sister already threw couple of products thanks to this article.

  27. Please don't waste your products, we have so little information at this time. Might be completely wrong for all we know.

  28. I saw a note in the article saying that this preservative was approved for eyelash and eyebrow products? Did I misunderstand that that is still not ok either?

  29. The author mentioned the actual preservative could be potassium dicyanoargentate KAgCN2. This is not a regulated cosmetic ingredient. You cannot find it in millions of beauty products in the market, because the safety profile has not been established.

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