[Acne] Thoughts about this product? I have oily and acne prone skin. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

  1. far too drying. maybe try cerave oily-to-normal cleanser (LOVED this product pre accutane) or cerave SA cleanser

  2. was coming to say something similar. as an oily person as well the cerave foaming face wash is great. but remember a lot of times oily skin is because we dry it out too much so the body produces more oil to overcompensate so you’ll want to look for a moisturizer too.

  3. Yesss always double cleanse with the cerave SA cleanser! Salisylic acid is GOLD for cleansing oily and acne-prone skin. Also buy an exfoliator with salicylic acid to use 1-2 times a week for a deep cleanse. Do not use scrubs, but buy a serum or mask instead, for instance the ordinary’s salicylic acid mask, super cheap and super good

  4. i used to use this religiously for almost 3 years when i was 13 and not only did it completely damage my skin barrier, it also made my acne so much worse so op i wouldn’t recommend it

  5. That’s what happens when you damage your barrier. It’s actually not the fault of the product when used correctly. Typically something like this isn’t for daily use. Remember when treating acne you also need moisture. Otherwise the skin will become worse. seemingly by the product itself it’s actually just the misuse of it. Think of skin like hair. Wash and condition. You wouldn’t just use shampoo without a good conditioner right?

  6. I used this and I agree. it destroyed my skin to the point it was sooooo oily and I developed blackheads on my nose that I have only managed to minimize but never get rid of. I'm now almost 22 and still suffer the consequences of that cleanser and it has been almost 6 years. One cleanser I love is Aveeno clear complexion cream cleanser but it seems to have been discontinued so I was trying a ton of other cleansers that lately have made my skin terrible again (cerave foaming cleanser, neutrogena grapefruit cream to foam, cerave SA cleanser, a few others) I discovered that aveeno has a similar cleanser bit it's a foaming one that I bought today so fingers crossed that it will work as well as the cream one. My skin has been suffering :/

  7. Oooh I distinctly remember buying the 3 step packs of these as a teenager. The orange cleanser, blue toner, white moisturiser. Made me feel so grown up, and then i had the worst acne of my life. Ah, memories

  8. I've used the clean and clear dual action moisturizer for literally 20 years. Granted it's the only product I've ever used by them but I swear by it.

  9. But but but i use clean & clear advantage acne spot treatment salicylic acid 2% & I swear by it! Been using it for over 10 years. It’s not too drying either & even if it is, nothing moisturizer can’t fix!

  10. A ride through sahara desert bare headed would be better than using this. Atleast the former one is natural.

  11. I used stuff like this for years only to have more and more oil and acne. I finally switched to gentle cleansers and separate activities and it was night and day for my skin. There are plenty of good cleansers out there, but I really love vanicream and it’s in the same price range.

  12. I switched to using Pacifica Pineapple Cleanse Oil Slaying Face Wash after I oil cleanse and it has helped my skin out tremendously. I have combo skin, very oily t-zone and dry cheeks. Doing a double cleanse of skin friendly oil (baby oil or JaJoba Oil) and then washing with this afterwards has helped balance my skin.

  13. I just want to hop on this comment to second Pacifica in general. I have oily skin and the Rose Kombucha face wash is amazing! I’m about to buy my 2nd bottle. I moisturize using the day and night cream and night vegan collagen cream. Alright I’m a Pacifica slut

  14. I don’t know this product but I struggle with acne as well and I’m using this french brand called Avene. It helped me when my skin was super sensitive & when my skin has acne every know and then. They have great products though. Maybe those will help you.

  15. I recommend the PanOxyl 10% Acne Foaming Wash, a lot of dermatologists stand by it. Clean and clear is a terrible brand, and their products are super stripping for the skin.

  16. Even the 4% rather than 10%. It’s been shown as it’s just as effective for treating acne at the lower dose and far less irritating.

  17. Oh the memories this brings! I was so harsh with my poor skin, using drying cleansers like this and stingy toners, and apricot scrubs!!! Acne prone skin needs gentle care; something by Avene or la Roche posay, a light moisturizer and sunscreen. And then your acne treatment of choice, eg 2.5% benzoyl peroxide cream. Also consider applying a BHA a few times a week, Paula's choice make a good one.

  18. Clean & Clear Sensitive Skin foaming facial cleanser is good for the price. I'd rate C&C sensitive skin a 8/10 and Cerave foaming facial cleanser a 9/10. However, the regular C&C in the picture is far too drying and in my experience will likely cause a steady light acne.

  19. What kind of acne do you get? This isn’t a good cleanser for pretty much any kind—it’s outdated, stripping zits and your skin down in an effort to dry out the pimples. But depending on if you’re experiencing deep and painful zits or surface level but juicy ones, there are certainly great options!

  20. That's the crap that made me think my skin was oily. It's so drying that my skin over-produced oil like crazy. I was constantly a dry, flaky, oil slick. Once I stopped using it, my cystic acne cleared...after YEARS. I cannot say enough bad things about this. I hate it.

  21. Step away. The answer to too much oil production is never to dry the skin out (and in turn ruin your skin barrier and produce more acne). Run as fast as you can 😂

  22. Most of Clean & Clear's products are super drying and harsh. The only thing I like from the brand is their oil blotting sheets

  23. I've used clean and clear and it quite literally made the skin around my nose peel and it was very drying ,it would hurt too touch my nose after it wasn't nice and I have oily skin it made my acne a lot worse I don't recommend

  24. Horrible. Use Thursday plantation tee tree foaming face wash. It is so good plus removes any makeup. I’ve been using it for years and have even noticed my eyelashes growing longer from using it to remove my makeup.

  25. Absolutely not, get the Cerave cleanser for normal to oily skin instead and pair with their moisturizer and a good spot treatment. This will cause your skin to get wayyyy worse.

  26. This made my dry combination skin dry and flaky. Used it during my teen to late college years before I got into skin care. I wish I could turn back time.

  27. The best thing for my oily skin, was using an oil based face wash. I use either the Burt’s Bees or Missa cleansing oil. I put it on my face dry, brush my teeth, then add water and wash it off.

  28. Use a white cetaphil bar of soap or the neutrogena orange/clear bar of soap. Then follow with a cetaphil moisturizer for oily skin. Clean and clear products are harsh

  29. I once used this and went to sleep, woke up with a very red and a very swollen face. also, it was very drying. so a no for me.

  30. The very average product dries on the skin and irritates the skin. There are many better options available on the market. Skip this one.

  31. I don't know why J&J is still keeping this line alive, it's so dated. Even if you have oily skin, you should still treat your skin gently. CeraVe or Cetaphil cleansers are a much better option, and they have foaming versions if you prefer those.

  32. Made my acne and face so dry when I was a tween it was waxy. Avoid like the plague. Anything clean and clear and Neutrogena in orange packaging is a NO NO NO

  33. I discovered the Aldi version of Neutrogena's Foaming Fresh cleanser and my skin absolutely loves it. It works well for my oily 51 year skin that's prone to clogged pores. It doesn't dry my face out at all. I apply a bit to my face, a bit to my washcloth, add some water to the cloth to help it foam, and wash my face. It rinses off cleanly and doesn't over dry.

  34. The “sensitive skin” version of this is the only Clean & Clear product I’ve ever liked. If your skin is more on the dry, reactive side, I’d steer clear.

  35. For acne prone skin Cetaphil, CeraVe and Neutrogena are the trusted brands. They are recommended by the dermatologist too. I have acne prone skin and the Clean and Clear range hasn't really worked for me.

  36. Honestly, this is my favorite face wash. I love that clean feeling everywhere, from my face to my body to my hair. It also removes makeup so well. It’s somewhat stripping, but it’s not going to dry your face into dry patches.

  37. Yep I used this when I was younger and it tried out my face so much that I had a rash that looked like red cracks on my face.

  38. My housemate uses this. It doesn't contain salicylic acid and therefore did nothing for my acne, blocked pores. I either use Paula's Choice Clear cleanser but I'm out, and find the Neutrogena Oil-Free Wash pink grapefruit cleanser really good and it contains salicylic acid. Plus it's cheap.

  39. this is a super harsh and excessive cleanser. Use something less stripping and gentler like the pipette baby wash and shampoo fragrance free or SIMPLE refreshing facial wash gel.

  40. I used this everyday as a teen without any moisturizer or sunscreen. Did help acne to some extent, ngl. But totally depletes any oil on your skin to make it dry and rubbery, which I thought was a good thing for an oily skin person. But as the day goes by your skin gets even oiler than before and no amount of blotting would help. A gentle cleanser (Neutrogena deep clean 0.5% salicylic acid or CosRX Low pH Good morning), hydrating moisturizer and SPF would be so much better.

  41. No, please for the love of god no. It will strip your skin and damage your skin barrier. Opt for a CeraVe, la roche posay or the inkey list cleanser.

  42. My skin loves clean & clear. I prefer the wash with Salicylic acid in the purple packaging. I use the coordinating moisturizer, and the gel moisturizers (ones watermelon and the other is mango scented).

  43. Planning to start using it, Having acne that's filled with liquid ichor i think it's primarily from high temperature from where im at + I always end up sleeping face down been changing pillow cases every day, nothing seems to work

  44. Im very acne prone. I’ve been using Cerave SA cleanser or the Panoxyl face wash at night and a gentle cleanser like Cerave or La roche posay hydrating cleanser in the AM. I have made really good progress with that combination. Good luck!🤗

  45. Cerave hydrating cleanser day and night. I spot treat with panoxyl 10% at night if I need to. Cerave daily moisturizing lotion day and night. Diet is key to acne tho. Avoid processed foods and table sugar. Eat healthy fats and stay far away from vegetable oils use avocado or olive oil. Anything you eat should list 1 maybe two ingredients. I don’t recommend bread or pasta because these are highly processed and full of chemicals. Gut health = acne free skin. Also drink only water. Goodluck

  46. I’m not familiar with this product but coming to Reddit is never a good idea. You could look up any product it has the same people in the comments saying it broke them out, make them oily. Etc. you have to actually just see how you react to these products because it’s different for everyone

  47. I love the peach slices snail rescue purifying cleanser !! It’s great. The oil free moisturizer is awesome too

  48. Mass marketed products are rarely beneficial. This is probably loaded with alcohol which is a skin irritant, among other things. It might make a difference if you 'up your game' with consistent routine other products to calm and shield your skin but on the whole, I'd give this a hard 'no.'

  49. Try The Inkey List salicylic acid cleanser! It’s probably about the same price but gentle enough you can use it morning and night. It’s helped me and my husband tremendously with breakouts and oily skin.

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