[Misc] Skin feels dry and tight under vaseline(slugging)

  1. Not everyone's skin likes pure occlusive like that. I would just try a second medium+ weight moisturizer with a bit of occlusivity or try cerave healing ointment or LA Roche posay cicaplast balm for something thicc.

  2. I have really dry skin so I know what you mean. I have found raw honey to be an excellent humectant. My skin is never so soft, dewy, and plump as when I do a honey mask for a few hours. The hard part is keeping it from dripping on everything.

  3. That’s interesting! So you’re slugging over your moisturizers and having dry skin from it? I would guess to try Aquaphor instead to see what happens but perhaps your skin has a sensitivity to occlusives? (I’m not a doctor haha.)

  4. You should look up Dr Dray's video comparing Aquaphor, Vaseline and CeraVe Healing Ointment. IIRC the CeraVe was the only one containing humectants as well as occlusives (I could be remembering wrong).

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