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  1. I have delicate ginger skin in sunny northern CA! I am looking for an excellent sunscreen and moisturizer. I want a sunscreen that will not leave me too shiny and a nice tint that evens out the redness of my pinkish skin would be nice too.

  2. Has anyone tried topical spironolactone for oily skin? IF so how much did it improve your oily skin because mine gets oily within an hour of blotting again. This leads to big pus filled cystic pimples on my chin every month. (Im a guy) The only thing that normalized my skin was low dose accutane at 10mg every other day, but that still hurt my joints and eyes.

  3. 32/F. Is skincare doing more harm that good ? I have always had a clear skin with few acne popping up here an there but nothing so back. I had few acne marks and my skin was oily and dull. I started skincare in March. I’m in India so products are from local brands

  4. Ok this is a long shot but about 4-5 years ago I got a sample of a night cream that felt more like a creamy gel, and I am dying to figure out what it was! I remember it being HG potential but way out of my budget and now that I have the budget I’ve forgotten the brand!

  5. I would drop the Thayer's toner and alternate between the Panxoyl and BHA. Do you have a gentle cleanser? For help with the hyperpigmentation, you may want to consider a vitamin C serum in the morning.

  6. I would definitely drop the cleanser since it sounds like that is causing a negative reaction. I would baby your skin for a few days with just hydrating products to give it a chance to heal.

  7. The issue I have is that I can recently not seem to get clear skin. I had bad acne as a teen, mainly forehead and that mostly cleared up and I had a couple years as an adult with clear skin but in the last year or so I have started to get a lot of acne on my cheeks/chin/jawline that I previously never had an issue with.

  8. Did the acne start up after introducing any particular product? Do you have an actual cleanser or moisturizer? Sunscreen? The oat balm is more of a makeup/sunscreen remover and you may be overdoing it by using the LRP duo twice a day.

  9. I have hormonal breakouts right before my period starts each month. All on chin area and jaw line. I get the occasional forehead pimple but nothing as bad as the chin/jaw area. I feel like lately they have been staying put for weeks or new ones pop up.

  10. I've been using metronidazole for mild rosacea for about 3 months and it's helped but when I started using it I cut my BHA toner out of my routine. Now I feel like I have more sebum buildup and wondering if it's okay to reintroduce BHA or AHA to help exfoliate.... Anyone have experience? My derm says it's fine, just to try it out and see, but I feel like that's just playing skin roulette! Lol

  11. Do the subs filters work for anyone? I like to filter out skin care concerns (it's the only way I like viewing this sub) and they still pop up for me.

  12. Sounds like a sensitive reaction. I'd say leave your skin alone for at least a few days and only put water on it. I know Salicylic Acid cause sensitivity. I'm not sure what the Acid Soap is. But looking at this list, you're cleansing your face 3 times with Salicylic in there as well? Why are you cleansing so much?

  13. How do I get my mom to have a skincare routine? I have tried helping her in the past but she doesn't make skincare a priority. She's one of those people who doesn't do anything with her skin.

  14. If I'm honest, she's an adult and if she doesn't want to change anything she probably won't. You can try gifting her a nice lightweight sunscreen but she has to actually apply and use it, otherwise there's nothing you can do. If you just think that she doesn't see the benefits, you could gift her a voucher for a nice facial. Maybe seeing the difference that this makes on her skin is a good motivation. But in the end, she has to want it herself.

  15. I'm helping my SO build a good skincare routine and need some advice because he has a completely different skin type and challenges from me. He has oily skin, and tends to break out primarily on and around his temples. I believe these are bacterial breakouts because he primarily gets whiteheads, blackheads, and inflammation in these spots where he wears sunglasses and a sun hat and sweats outside for 10 hours a day in a hot, dry climate.

  16. I agree, BP could be a good idea here. I would start with a wash-off product because they tend to be a bit gentler. If you don't see improvement, you can always upgrade to something else. PanOxyl could be an easy to use option. I would just apply that to the problem areas before taking a shower, let it sit for 5-10 minutes, then rinse underneath the shower. Start by doing that once or twice a week to check for irritation or dryness.

  17. Give it time, retinol takes a while to show results. Your skin cycles about every month, so you may not really see a difference for several weeks, or even months.

  18. Is SheaButter a viable option for face moisturizer, or does it vary from skin type? The reason I ask is that the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel irritates my skin on contact which is causing me to breakout. My skin type is more oily than dry, and it's sensitive I believe.

  19. I would like some help formulating a new skincare routine. I’m not loving my results right now. I have a fine line on my forehead, as well as some pimples and redness around my nose. I have dry skin with some small pimples on my t zone and upper lip. Morning- cerave moisturizer and unsun tinted sunscreen Evening- glossier face wash, cerave moisturizer Occasionally used- Paula’s choice bha twice a week I’ve been using this for 2-3 months I workout and am very active, so I do tend to swear and get flushed! I’m in the east coast, so it’s very hot and dry right now, and cold during winter My skin:

  20. Why is the skin behind my glasses perfectly smooth? I get acne most everywhere on my face, but somehow the part of my skin below my eyes that overlaps my glasses stays perfectly smooth and healthy

  21. The skin underneath the eyes is a bit different than that on the rest of your face. It's thinner and for some people it's also more sensitive and drier. My guess would be that this combination just isn't as prone to breakouts as other areas of the face which are oilier.

  22. I’ve been using seabuckthorn oil as my main cleanser for the last 2 months. It has done wonders for my skin, but when I use it it the morning, my makeup slides off my face. For reference, I cleanse with Living Libations Best Skin Ever Seabuckthorn, follow with Hyaluronic acid serum or spray, then vitamin C, Cosmedix eye genius cream, and then a mineral sunscreen (Dr. Jart, Biossance, or Elta MD). I live in Houston, TX so it’s already super humid and hot most days. I don’t wear a lot of makeup, usually a tinted moisturizer, light under eye concealer, and mascara. I always set my makeup with powder or setting spray. Any advice would help.

  23. I am so unsure how to use my Glycolic acid toning solution (the Ordinary). On the website they say that you can use it everyday, but I read so often that should not use an AHA more than 3x/week. I used to use it daily (PM) and I have no problem with it. Also, I am not sure if I can use retinoids within the same routine or shall I which between those two every evening?

  24. It can be used daily if you've built up to it, but in the beginning it's best to start slow with actives which is why you often see the suggestion of just two or three times a week here. If you've used it often in the past, it shouldn't be a problem to use it more often. I would be cautious about using it in the same routine as a retinol at first, in relation to that. Personally I would alternate the two on different nights to help build up tolerance.

  25. How can I accurately diagnose my acne? Is my pcp my first step? It’s been a long year of trying different methods and recommendations and my skin is still leaving my insecure all though all around it does look a lot better and healthier. Super oily (genetic 🥹) acne prone skin. My forehead has what I believe to be closed comedones while my chin is filled with what I believe is a mixture of both ccs and whiteheads. I’m just lost on what I need to really target that chin area cause I feel like nothing is really penetrating them. The texture there is so awful while the rest of my face is pretty much pimple free. Please any recommendations leave them I’ll look into all!

  26. You could look into seeing a dermatologist! You can ask your PCP for a referral or also ask friends/search around (depending on your insurance - just make sure they're an in-network provider). I also spent years trying different things before going to a derm and it felt nice to have someone weigh in on what my acne is exactly and what may help! Hang in there, I know it sucks to feel like you've been doing all you can and it's still not where you want it

  27. It's up to you. If you are by a window all day, it's not a bad idea. I personally do not apply it when I'm inside.

  28. It's up to you. Some people prefer to apply moisturizers to damp skin. Moisturizers are usually formulated to work perfectly fine applied to dry skin though. So whatever you are comfortable with.

  29. What should I add to my routine? I want to start taking skincare a little more seriously, now that I have pretty much treated my acne I want to move on to just getting better and healthier skin. Right now I just use a cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. Should I add a toner or essence next or something? I have oily skin

  30. What are your skincare goals? Cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen are enough to keep your skin healthy, in my opinion. If you're happy with your skin right now, you don't need anything else. If you'd like to treat a specific problem, you can add something for that. For example, niacinamide or salicylic acid can be used to treat overly oily skin.

  31. If you want to balance the oiliness, I'd try out a hydrating toner or essence or possibly a niacinamide serum.

  32. I have really dry skin, what would be a good sunscreen selection? I was looking into Skin Aqua & Biore UV Perfect Milk but I'm not sure those are a great combination. I have eczema and if I use the wrong stuff it tends to make my skin break out with little bubbles and itch like hell lol.

  33. If your skin is very dry, I would recommend a cream form sunscreen. My skin is dry as well and I like the Black Girl Kids SPF 50 and the La Roche-Posay Hydrating Cream SPF 50+. Both are fragrance free as well, which might be relevant for your skin.

  34. Hi, I’m having a lot of trouble finding a product that meets all of these requirements: light spray-on moisturising travel-sized sunscreen.

  35. Hi, I’ve recently bought the La Roche Posay Effeclar Duo+ Blemish Treatment forgetting I have a brow appointment next week! I have looked through the ingredients and think it will be fine to be waxed whilst using it, but just seeking some advice and/or confirmation! Thanks :)

  36. No one can know if the Anthelios Shaka fluid will break you out until you try. That being said, I’ve tried the Anti shine dry touch gel cream and the UVmune 400 invisible fluid (newer version of Shaka fluid) and found it less pore clogging then LRP anti shine.

  37. Hi, I noticed that some black marks started to appear on my face, sometimes I even can see a line that goes from one side of my face to the other. I tried to get a picture but it really depends on the lighting, hard to get a picture that shows it

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