What is this rash? Before getting this big like in the picture it started of looking like little bug bites and I thought nothing of it till it kept getting worse and bigger. I have this on my left arm, left leg and stomach. I get 1 or 2 new ones each day. Anyone know what this is?

  1. Dude. Go to the ER. I had little pimple looking bumps, thought oh it's just a rash? Allergic reaction to food? Didn't waste time though and went to the ER. Turns out it's a super contagious virus spreading among kids, and some adults.

  2. Not tryna freak you out, not tryna scare you, and I've never seen it IRL but have a friend on FB who posted similar that filled with pus and ended up being Monkeypox. for reference:

  3. Also, I want to add to this, before you physically GO to your doctor, call them first to make sure there aren't any precautions you need to take should it be monkey pox. For example, they may want you to wear a mask, they may want you to call the cdc to discuss your symptoms first, to eliminate the risk of spreading it. Some places where contagions are more rare, they'll send someone to test you so you don't risk spread, but I have no clue again where you are or how they would treat monkeypox specifically. I can ask my friend but I think your best bet is call a doc....because also if it's shingles (those and hives can often represent in this way depending on your skin/allergies/common reactions), like since I have psoriasis, my hives are purple and itchy but sometimes like this if it's something I ate. Damn, now that I think of it, poison ivy can also look like that but the point is, don't freak out, but def take seriously if it's been two days and still spreading....because if it IS shingles you can get treatment before it gets worse and spreads that will keep shit like "Devil's itch" at bay sometimes.

  4. Maybe, I went paintballing 3 days before I started to get the rash. I went with just shorts and a T-shirt. There was a lot of tall grass there and I was crawling in the tall grass so I could of touched poison oak or poison ivy

  5. Could be a fungal infection, like ringworm??? Whatever it is you need to go to a doctor like other people have suggested. Good luck

  6. I had what looks exactly like yours. Started on my right arm only, then each day I would get more. I went to urgent care and the Dr. told me it was an allergic reaction to Poison Ivy. She gave me a shot in the butt. Plus a prescription of pills to take for 7 days and Triamcinolone, Acetonide Cream. By the 6th day it started to go away. But you need that shot as she told me it will stop the spreading.

  7. It could be poison ivy, cause I was crawling around in tall grass when I went paintballing 3 days before all of this started. I hope it’s poison ivy and nothing else!

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