Am I the only one who is (a little) sad Minette wasn't announced as going to be playable?

  1. I mean, every fighting game should have at least one joke character who ends up being ridiculously OP in the right hands.

  2. After Umbrella and Dahlia were announced, everyone already knew the last would be Marie so we at least had a lot of time to cope and accept it long before she was announced, lol.

  3. On the bright side, there could be another character attached to this season pass, but I don't know if it sold well enough to meet that criteria...(or, more cynically, if they even intend to follow through on it given how easily they can say "close but no cigar" and move on to S2).

  4. I keep hearing this rumor but I've yet to see where the rumor of a secret extra character is based on.

  5. Is this the designated thread for Minette fan copium? I'm out of my supply and I'm gonna need a lot for however many years it takes for season pass 2(If that even ever becomes a thing). I feel like I'm in the minority that never really cared that much about the 'true story' of Skullgirls given how goofy the game stories usually are, so the first season pass didn't really have anything I was personally all that excited for(Except maybe Dahlia. No matter how you cut it she really deserved to be in the game).

  6. Really the first season pass only could have gone the way it did. The three characters "required" for true story mode, plus the highest voted runner-up on the Indigo poll. If they did do a season 2 Minette would almost certainly be on it, as she's the highest remaining Indiegogo character as well as the only NPC to not have merchandise.

  7. I think they should just release a Minette body pillow instead because I dont think anybody would enjoy playing whatever minette becomes as a fighting game character, but everybody would enjoy a Minette body pillow.

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