What are some unwritten rules of smite?

  1. I always wonder why 95% of players knows this off the bat. I recently introduced a friend to smite and on his first arena game ever he just went left and waited for camp like he just knew the fucking drill

  2. Went right (spawned near that side) on my first ever match, and my friends were just like "Dude, you NEVER go right. We don't know why, but always go left".

  3. How about in arena we realize how strong these buffs can be to win the match, if you can get both sides you have an extreme advantage. Not just once in the beginning of the match…

  4. When playing a tank and you meet another tank 1v1 in the jungle, you either just basic each other for that sweet 20 damage per hit or you just chill and jump for a while. Sometimes you just go together wherever you were going too. A little trolling along the way is good too

  5. If someone makes a truly embarrassing whiff you and the whiffer must both look at eachother then act like it didn't happen.

  6. Like if you're an Ares about to blink and ult only to realize an archer minion hit you, so you didn't blink and you're just ulting alone

  7. If it's just us, I always stop dead in my tracks, look at them, then look at the spot where they whiffed, then back to them to drive it home

  8. I like to also quickly flick around to look at the area they fired the ability in and act as though i'm trying to figure out what they were aiming at, since it couldn't have been me

  9. When the game is paused you must spam “WooHoo” as much as humanly possible. So that everyone’s VGS happens at the same time.

  10. After the update this is pretty much anyone in Solo/Mid right now. Them front creeps are tanky AF.

  11. Awful advice imo, mid has been the most common spot for first blood and it’s directly because of Mages who poke over clear.

  12. Some of my most fun Joust matches were a result of instalocking mage then spamming "We need a mage" until the other two folded. I lost each time, but my random teammates were very positive and it was an overall fun experience.

  13. The unspoken rule of guardians. Respect the guardian jump party. Just let us big boys/girls have our jump party. We'll tire ourselves out eventually.

  14. Baiting people in with the Crabrave to confirm his grab into a kill is the by far my favorite big brain khepri moment

  15. I always just make sure everyone knows that I have no experience with this god and then make sure I’m at least not in the way. Additionally I read all their abilities and try to find out how they play beforehand so I can try and carry my own weight a little.

  16. this only applies to me if the person who is about to get a penta has been nice that game. if they've been a toxic asshole you better believe I'm going out of my way to steal that penta then laugh spam after it

  17. And if its a casual game (arena, assault...) I think its even allowed to let yourself be killed if you are the last one in the penta streak.

  18. Lol my friends will steal them in a heartbeat. I don't expect anyone to give me the opportunity and I'm surely not giving one up if I'm the last guy. That being said I like that unwritten rule amongst the community I just don't want it that way personally

  19. I had someone yesterday steal one, it was a horus and all they had to do was not auto after the 1 knock up

  20. I've done this by accident on a couple occasions bc I panicked and thought they were gonna get away/kill the person getting the penta.

  21. I really don't understand flaming people. Like I'm pretty sure I suck at this game, but I like it. If you want to be super serious play ranked. Let the noobs have some fun, instead of saying trash team and leave. I'm also half way sure the people doing this came from lol and need that toxic shit in their lives.

  22. The scary part is what follows. A lot of monkey brain people tend to see an ability and immediately launch everything at the enemy.

  23. Instant lock 3 mages and maybe a Bakasura in Arena. Your teammates are often expecting something impractical and stupid like a double-tank frontline. No, don't let them conform, you need to instant lock 5 mages or throw some AA assassins in there with 3 mages, it's wildly successful and I love it when my random teammates follow this policy!!

  24. Lol I just pick Odin in arena when my friends make me play because I know there will be at least one person like that with 15 stars that needs to be taught a lesson

  25. as a new player this is legit how I’ve been playing, loving the game so far, but Conquest seems like you need to understand your role / the game mode fully or you’re just being a burden to the team

  26. If you have a hard CC ultimate ability you call "ultimate is ready" in vgs during Arena or your heirs are illegitimate and your lands have poor stewards and all your children are inbred

  27. Keep 1-2 tanks in your assault games please… I see them get rolled all the time and we wonder why we lose the game because we have no frontline pressure..

  28. Spam VEL to laugh with your enemy after they die, to boost their spirits. It's just good sportsmanship.

  29. That second one seems silly. Don’t get why I would have to waste my boosters cuz i want to play my diamond god. Having a diamond border doesn’t automatically make someone good.

  30. It's not X as in god rank 10, it's X as whatever. Like if you absolutely want to play a specific god and make it everyone else's problem to adapt around it.

  31. I think most ppl would rather drink the ocean, any ocean, through a straw before apologizing for picking a god they wanna play ngl

  32. Yeah, I'd rather tell someone to f* off than apologize that I didn't play the god they wanted me to.

  33. If you are jungle, you are entitled to every jungle camp. Except purple buff most of the time. If youre mid or solo repeatedly takes your harpies by speed, then theyre trolling.

  34. If you are jungle, you should focus on camps, but if no camps are up, splitting in lane is fine.

  35. "If you are jungle, you are entitled to every jungle camp" thats not true and if you live by this rule then you must be stuck in gold

  36. Chaac laugh spam is the only acceptable laugh spam, always go left in Arena, if someone waves at you and you’re alone, wave back before killing each other.

  37. in joust, if someone on the enemy team (or your team) is spam jumping in middle, do not attack. let the dance/jump party happen and then allow everyone to reset back over on their respective side

  38. If someone is on the verge of a penta, you do eveything you can to get them that penta. Don't kill steal, tank tower, int if you have to.

  39. I hate the fact that stars provoke toxicity from teammates. It's not that I only play one god, I've got at least a dozen with multiple stars. It's simply that I've been playing for like 6 years, and for about 4 of them had an immense amount of free time.

  40. It is bad form to take a god if someone in your game has that gods name as their account name. Clearly they need it in their life SO STOP TAKING CTHLUHU WHEN YOU ARE IN A GAME WITH ME!

  41. If someone laugh spams, they become my #1 target for the rest of the game. If they're on my team, they become the lowest priority to help.

  42. Casual joust has a lot of this. Nine times out of ten it’s the worse player on the team getting carried too

  43. Since I use my E key to move forward, I hardly, if ever laugh spam. Best I can get out is a taunt or a special emote as I jump mid-locomotion. Laugh spammers are hilarious to me, they almost always get their comeuppance after the first laugh spam over your body, and usually they laugh spam you after a fortunate kill, not a hard earned solo kill lol.

  44. I’ll spam laugh in joust if an entire team hard counter builds against me and I’m only a 1/2/4 Anubis and there is a 9/0/2 bellona on my team. Mind you there was only one physical defense item on that team and it was shifter.

  45. In Assault, there is a no aggro pact until first wave of minions arrives to lane, if anyone breaks said pact, then he or she deserves to die on first blood and their team should not help them until after they die.

  46. If you accidentally steal the last kill for a penta then you have to send them a skin gift. Has happened a few times because my wife likes to come talk in the middle of team fights lol.

  47. If mid is trash take their buff if jungle is trash take their buff, when u get ganged by thor ult make sure to ping the jingle and spam you rock cancel that.

  48. Med is overrated when you have a hood healer in joust, heartward or talisman of energy are the real unwritten rules.

  49. i would say if you wanna try a new god start out in arena or jungle practice. Finding out a characters kit in the middle of a conquest is actually just torturing your teammates. Having to argue with people that thor wall doesn't do damage or that wave clear with agni is best with his 3 as his first move. People don't wanna take time to read their character usually and just W key and expect the kits to work how they wish they'd work.

  50. The only rules I know that are unwritten are the "golden rules" which if you don't do this it is implied you will have a hard time or even lose before the match begins

  51. I was shocked at the toxicity it provoked when I asked why I was the only one with antiheal in an Assault match that had Hel, Anubis, and Pele on the opposing team. Also, no apologies for it when people finally got a couple antiheal items late game (like 5th item) and we suddenly stopped struggling and won.

  52. if you the support meets the enemy support alone, there must be a small jump party, because what else are you gonna do? throw chopsticks at eachother?

  53. If anyone from the enemy team in assault ruins the dance party by damaging someone, it is law that your team must focus that piece of garbage for the entire game making the game a living hell for them. That is their punishment.

  54. Unwritten rule for my group when we play assault is to bait a dance party then kill the squishiest enemy, because fuck dance party's who gives a shit.

  55. If you're gonna complain about someone, at least have some constructive criticism instead of 'trash team' while running in alone and dying.

  56. In Joust, if you’re taking the Titan, don’t kill the last survivor if they were the opposing team’s best player

  57. Some of these things are hard and fast rules, some of these are just things stupid people do that they get berated for.

  58. Assault is my most played game mode but I still NEED beads first, med second. Beads is too much of a necessity for me.

  59. If they don't have hard CC then beads has almost no benefit. Why do you NEED it? And then there are a lot of gods with cc immunity in their kits as well where beads are again rarely beneficial. But like I tell my teammates, if you can't survive without beads then go ahead and grab it cuz i prefer you to live. Personally speaking though, I survive very well without it most of the time so I'll grab med.

  60. Youre right, you got down voted, but you're sooo correct. Honestly, try shell as your second, but the time you hit 12 you should have your sustain under control

  61. You have to let your teammates know when they are having a bad game. Can’t let them stay in the match thinking that they are doing any good /s

  62. Please don't steal quads or pentas. Nobody likes that person who does it. Everyone has those games where they go off. If it's the solo that's getting the quad then penta let the solo get it. Calm down jungle or adc mains with high egos

  63. Sometimes I have people telling me to get a quad and I straight up tell them to just take the shot, cuz it's a quad. meh ^^;;

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