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  1. When I bought mine, it was because a Mosin was just about the cheapest way you could get your hands on a large caliber hunting rifle, but I absolutely agree that anyone buying one as a functional tool nowadays is just being dumb with their money.

  2. Got mine at $85. Still using the iron sights. Scopes make me dizzy, but I've been seriously looking at Skinner lo pro.

  3. I've still got one from back when they were 99 bucks, I got the thing as basically a joke. Now that they are worth money it's proved to be a better investment than all the bitcoin I'm currently bleeding. (Oops lol)

  4. Yeah, when you could get Mosins 2 for $100 on sale at the sporting goods store it make a whole lot of sense to scoop 'em up, but they just aren't worth what they are going for now.

  5. I feel like this is such a weird comparison. Revolvers are great because they dont jam, but are limited by their capacity. Glocks can jam, but have a higher capacity. The 7.62x54 is more powerful than the .223. But am AR is probably more practical in a truly combative situation. They each have their uses, and comparing them seems weird to me

  6. I see far more people complaining about those suggestions than I do actual suggestions. I'm beginning to think that there are some people who can't wrap their brains around owning a firearm for any other reason than carrying it into battle, and just assume the history geek showing off their relic is asserting that it's the pinnacle of firearm technology.

  7. Have a fun story regarding using a Mosin for self-defense. Long story short, bayonet was useful. Would have probably been better if I wasn't tipsy at the time.

  8. My first gun was a marlin .22 . Perfect target rifle for getting used to a gun. I love a Mosin Nagant or AK, but they are a bit more than people should have for a first timer!

  9. Back in the day of $100 Mosins, I could get on board with the argument for the Mosin as the first "big boy gun" once you get the fundamentals down on the .22

  10. IMO .22 is the best starter caliber. Near zero recoil and the cheapest target practice for a real gun there is.

  11. Better than an AR for what? Because depending on your use case, of course it could be better.

  12. I feel like a first gun should have more thought put into it than just brand or type of weapon since it's a very individual experience, but it's definitely dumb to rule out platforms that perform well just bc a group of shitty people tend to like them. On another note do people actually recommend a mosin as a first gun? I've never actually held or fired one, but they look incredibly dated & are probably very expensive, they always seemed like more of a collector's item to me than a gun you'd actually use often

  13. Back in the day of $100 Mosins they were just about the cheapest gun to buy and the cheapest guns to feed on the market, which is a pretty decent argument IMO

  14. I had to hammer open the bolt after every shot on mine when I hit it in college. Would literally rather rely on a knife in combat vs. my Mosin bit won’t pretend it wasn’t damn fun to shoot on weekends with my buddies.

  15. I started out super simple, Bersa Thunder .380 ACP from a pawn shop for like $175, solid starter gun!

  16. Bolt-action, lever-action, and revolvers (even double-action) will never, ever be as effective as a magazine-fed autoloader.

  17. Getting the OG Nazi-slayer the 30 Carbine fixed up as we speak. Getting an AR once I pay off my stupid splurge purchase of a future proof PC because I am the trans meme with the pink white and blue socks and skirt go spinny.

  18. Anyone basing their firearm choices solely on the politics of the country when they were manufactured is an idiot and a dangerous idiot at that.

  19. Yeah I've actually noticed a ton of chuddiness from AK parts dealers and the AK subreddit is as toxic as you can get

  20. i personally just hate the way glocks feel in my hand. wielding one to me is like trying to fire a brick. i love my smith and wesson, and i’d take it over a glock any day. plus it has a thumb safety which gives me the warm and fuzzies.

  21. If you can shoot a Glock 19 good you can shoot anything which is why it's a great pistol especially with a red dot and light

  22. I think ARs are kinda lame unless they're classic style, but they're still what I would recommend to someone who wants a practical fighting rifle.

  23. Soviet (and post- using the same molds, laborers and checks, at best) manufacturing lacks quality assurance. It’s a deal breaker on firearms. I say this as someone who has personally engaged PKMs and AK variants that jammed. And before it happens, let’s talk about how your exported weapons should be adequate to the environment and maintainable by the importers.

  24. What Soviet weapons lack in quality they make up in tolerance, in spades. You're not going to find firearms designed by anyone else that run in such a wide variety of situations and claimants with little to no maintenance.

  25. My Nagant is just for fun. I've however had issues with plenty of self loading pistols so I'd understand having a revolver as an edc or as a backup.

  26. Are Mosins a poor first choice? For defense, yeah, but if it's your first gun and it gets you interested into firearms by all means buy it. Maybe buy that cheap rifle, and practice with it. Practice safely handling a firearm, practice shooting, have fun and practice. Then when you have the funds to get something better do it. Don't let the community turn you away from buying that Mosin you (and I) simp for, but also realize that it is no longer a modern combat rifle but can be an affordable first step.

  27. A decent modern rifle that shoots one of the most common ammo in the world and is designed to be as modular as possible.

  28. Yeah except literally no one buys a Mosin or a fucking Nagant revolver for defense. Not even on this sub.

  29. It definitely does exist, just not on this sub. I recently saw a TikTok of a guy recommending other socialists buy revolvers or 1911s because he thinks they're more reliable than modern pistols and only a couple commenters tried to correct him, the video has thousands of likes.

  30. Idk about Mosin, but I saw people saying they CC a Nagant revolver, not on this sub though, thankfully.

  31. Well, I built my AR, in 7.62x39, then I built a 6.5 Grendel upper, then I built another upper in 9x39. I have since worked up full power loads for the 9x39 so I can have something harder hitting than subsonic. I also built a Timberwolf lower with a Glock 41 slide, and a standard slide that has been milled in what they tell me is a raptor cut. And I have a 10mm barrel for it. Does this make me a chudski-ite? Getting a Glock in .357 Sig will give you up to 15 357 rounds instead of just six. Remember the lesson of Buffalo, NY. I heard the security guard died while reloading a revolver.

  32. is the best platform for your use case>is the best platform you can afford>is a better platform>is a gun>some kind of deadly force>pepper spray>strong language

  33. So is it wrong to own a revolver just for my own private enjoyment? It’s not my defense gun. I don’t get the point of the meme but I also don’t ever see anyone recommending these guns for self defense.

  34. Can't go wrong with the ole 38sp in a locked night stand. Not my cup of tea, but I think it would get the point across in a home invasion situation. Or a pump action shot gun. That racking sound just has a magical ability to end many conflicts before things get bloody.

  35. I keep my ammo components right next to my reloading bench for safety. The sound of manually reloading sure as hell scares off those would-be intruders.

  36. Shoot what you got but don't recommend people tools that are completely outclassed is Fudd shit. It'll be a cold day in hell before I let some kid with a bunch of soviet surp follow me in a stack

  37. The AR and Glock have the best logistics from common use right now which means cheaper parts and accessories. You can get used safariland holsters for a Glock 19 with a light and red dot sight and have more money to spend on ammo for all the training we should be doing.

  38. If SHTF and I need to make friends quickly, I'd prefer someone with a Mosin or a 10/22 over someone with no firearms at all.

  39. Can’t really print a mosin unlike AR’s. It’s just a widespread design that’s popular. Go with what you want, don’t change that cause of some chuds don’t let hate win.

  40. RIP days when I virtually used Mosin Nagants as stocking stuffers with friends and family. All my homies hate shooting them and the ammo is awful, so joke’s on them!

  41. I don’t care who uses what, I’m Left and I’ll use the best option to defend / offense against the oppressor

  42. Meanwhile I spent most of last night scrubbing cosmoline out of my new SKS that I cant wait to shoot since it just looks neat and feels nice to own something produced in 1957.

  43. I use a sporterized mosin pistol as my hd piece. I drill with it and it's every bit as effective as an AR

  44. Yeah, leftists have shit tastes in guns. The 3-Line Rifle is beautiful and has alot of history, but i wouldn't use it in a war. I keep finding myself hating the content that leftists put out, more and more everyday. I dont know if its because im gravitating towards the right or because i have higher standards for my own people than i do for nazi scum

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