So I was playing Origins, and...

  1. lmao I still love that they couldn't bother fixing bugs in the original so they just made up some excuse in the manual

  2. A lot more glitches in this game than you would think. Carnival Night was such a pain as Super sonic because of red barrels and spikes "squishing" me to death even though I didn't go under them at all.

  3. I've honestly never liked going super/hyper for these reasons. I usually try to keep my rings down until the boss fights so I don't have any frustrating accidental deaths.

  4. It seems like there’s a lot of glitches involving super and hyper being too fast. From the capsule spawning early to screen locks not working at all, and then there’s just this.

  5. Yep. I actually managed to the first time with sonic and tails. I actually went in thinking it was just a harder verison of that one boss battle in wing fortress in sonic 2.

  6. Yes, you can indeed defeat the first part of the boss fight, if you have enough jump height by using either elemental shields to reach it, or Super Forms.

  7. It seems that when you used hyper sonic, used it over the controller panel which moved upwards into you while you transformed. This caused your hitbox to face though the ground.

  8. Doki Doki Breakfast Club ft. Dr. Eggman, Scrambled Edition. (Something about the idea of Robotnik becoming meta enough to make software bugs within the Sonic games has made my imagination run wild…)

  9. The part of headcannon that made these posted about the development. They asked about delays very early on just cuz and they said it wouldn't be possible. They've stated that some things are their fault. And some things are segas fault. They wish they couldve fixed some things before release. But they also said not to be too upset with Sega or izuka because there are things about the industry we just don't understand as consumers

  10. I love how sonic looked up for a sec as the structure rises while he is standing on air, really sold the moment for me.

  11. This is embarrassing, but TIL you can attack that thing to progress that sequence faster. All this time I thought you were just supposed to dodge the attacks and wait for it to be over.

  12. I didn't know that if you jumped high enough you could damage the laser device. I always thought you had to wait it out.

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