Trying to pick a new camera

  1. A6600 is pretty good. Battery life is (probably) the best out of any mirrorless camera, and there's plenty of cheap APSC lenses (FE lenses also work). Also has really good AF, though not as good as A1/A7IV obviously

  2. Between your options I’d say a7riii , you’ll cover pretty much everything and just get a 24-70 zeiss and have good cropping power from the 42mp sensor , you’ll also get the rest of the goodies like in body stabilization, eye focus , etc and you’ll still be on the full frame line up as to sticking to a cropped sensor system so you’ll also be future proofing yourself :) 7r series cameras usually go for really good prices used! So I’m sure you’ll find a great deal !

  3. Thx for the advice, I'll keep an eye out because currently, A7Riiis are bit expensive like 1550€ cheapest but not where I live which means I can't check the camera

  4. I went with a used A7RIII, and you could easily snag a good used copy with a new 85mm F1.8. Or a used A7III with even more lens.

  5. I bought the a6500, 16mm (SEL16F28) and 55-210mm (SEL55210) for travelling, the setup is compact and fits nicely in my laptop bag (body & 16mm can fit in my jacket pocket). Afterwards I started investing in better lenses for when I wanted to do some serious shooting. If your just taking photos for hobby and they don't have to be super quality then I would think the a6400 would be a good choice. Depending upon how you travel I would think about the lower end lenses to pair with it. The higher quality lenses tend to be larger and might attract attention from some people who would like to separate you from them while travelling.

  6. These are mirrorless cameras. They all have an electronic viewfinder. Yes the resolution on the ones they put in fill frame cameras is higher, but it's not a DSLR. Doesn't make a difference if it's on top or to the side, unless you favour your left eye.

  7. I'd keep the M50 and learn how to use it. I'm sure that you can tweak more settings than just aperture and shutter speed.

  8. other reason why I am switching is bcs it's not mine and my sibling is now using it, so keeping it isn't an option

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