VML Cycle A?

  1. Just saw on the Microsoft Teams channel that someone asked this similar question as well! The official answer was 'I don't know your specifics, but yes you can get an assignment prior to your DEROS in alignment with the assignment plan posted above.' So it seems like (to me) this is more on a person by person basis and not the TOS criteria they've been advertising.

  2. So I know CMSgt Stys said there is a delay for cycle A and the VML might not happen so make sure you update your dream sheet

  3. I know there was a lot of RUMINT about the VML A cycle being "populated" or whatever the correct term is at the beginning of March, but the cold snap slowed down a lot of things down. I am hoping we see things speed up for April and for some CLARITY and UPDATES. The first thing the Space Force could possibly do to show everyone it is different and really innovative compared to the other branches is to just have some clarity.

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