Been using this one on the guys in my shop since I transferred

  1. Different shade of lipstick on this pig. Really glad everyone spent months flicking their beans over uniforms versus addressing toxic culture carried over from AFSPC.

  2. I heard about that issue, but hopefully we have enough new personnel, especially those from the other services to mitigate the toxic culture from AFSPC.

  3. For now, there still are a lot of us who are yet to move to Space Force units. I really hope that toxic culture you're referring too doesn't last long after that.

  4. oh get ready for the Space Force, if you hated the Air Force there is a 100% chance youll hate the SF equally as much if not more.

  5. Pretty sure all 1C6s NCOs and SNCOs that got shit on by the new promotion board would agree with that. They're already hurting for people and they don't think to, I don't know, promote the people that didn't jump ship during the transition.

  6. The Marine Corps is in the Department of the Navy, but we didn’t carry over their shitty culture - we just made our own shitty culture!

  7. Since viewing this meme, I've used this saying at least a dozen times today. Most times in fun, but more times serious than I would've liked.

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