Added to my SPELL and will stake most of it Jan 1.

  1. After reviewing your position and after much consideration, we have determined you like this coin. That's my professional synopsis.

  2. Who wouldn't? I spent 8 hours last night working up a farming strategy, and Abracadabra is essential in its execution. I'm 100% sold on the concept and feasibility.

  3. To save money on staking, convert this spell to avax, send to metamask, go to sushiswap, and swap AVAX for Spell and then spell for sSpell. This will save you gas fees.

  4. Except I'll owe cap gains on the swap. Another reason to wait for Jan 1. I might do it like that then. Will test it out on a small amount.

  5. Why not wait to stake till after the 3rd? Unless the burn gives you more kickback on your stakingโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆnever mind. Go on about your business

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