Travel back in time

  1. As others have said, the best way to do "time travel" spells is to study shamanic and astral trance journeying, or lucid dreaming. I have seen some people that seemed to be able to bend and alter reality quite a lot - but they had *years* of study and daily practice. That may not be the fastest and most effective way to accomplish what you're hoping.

  2. I’m afraid not. I am so sorry about what you’re going through. Author and Magician Damien Echols talks about how he mitigated his severe dental pain that resulted from being kicked or punched in the mouth when he was in death row. It was a lot of visualization. I haven’t done it, myself, but it helped him during this time was denied access to medical care. Perhaps something to try? This story and technique was described in his book “A Course in High Magick”. Be well 🖤

  3. I am sorry for the suffering that must lie behind this question. Unfortunately, such a thing is almost certainly impossible.

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