I think when it comes to practicality, realism, and overall groundedness, this suit beats all other Spidey's costumes in movies.

  1. I think this, the first rami suit (not his actual suit but the human spider) and the holland homemade suit all have very realistic designs of what a highschool/college kid might have designed

  2. This suit is nowhere near the same level as the Human Spider or Homemade MCU suits in terms of being believably doable for a high schooler. This right here is a professionally made suit that doesn’t really seem like something a high schooler with no resources or money could slap together. It’s on par with Tobey’s suit in that regard as it basically has the same quality outside of maybe the lenses. The other 2 starter suits you mentioned (along with Garfield’s starter suit with the red mask and sunglasses) obviously do have that vibe though.

  3. Honestly not a huge fan of the yellow eyes and darker color schemes. But I've always loved how it fit. Not super skin tight. It flowed in the wind and folded with his body.

  4. That's what I loved so much about TASM suit, how it felt like an actual piece of clothing on Peter and not a 100% perfect fit (cgi) skin tight suit like Tom Hollands.

  5. The issue with the MCU Spider-Man suits is not a CGI problem, it's an art direction and costume design problem. The directive from whoever has say is to make it perfectly skin tight.

  6. Yeah i like this suit a lot, it feels like this suit could be waterproof too, so thats a plus. I don't know why the eyes were yellow i thought they were sunglasses so they should be black (maybe bcz of the lighting??). And i like the fact that he used tennis shoes soles for the suit.

  7. This absolutely does not look like a kid could have put it together. Matching colors, the mask, the logos looking pristine. It looks professionally designed but purposely in lower quality than the other suits.

  8. Yeah, I’m not really sure what OP or the top comment are talking about or why so many are in agreement (at least judging by the votes). This suit is in the same tier as Tobey’s and Tom’s main suits and it’s obvious that a broke high schooler could definitely not pull this off.

  9. Well, the most realistic and stylish suit I guess. Your right about homecoming but that suit is so ugly lmao, so we pick the better looking one

  10. I mean, when I'm watching Spider-Men I'm not looking for something grounded in realism and practicality. Alongside this realistic suit you have a guy who can crawl walls and make webbing on no income. Suspension of disbelief is a primary factor of Marvel films, so when I'm looking at a suit I'm looking at whichever one looks best, which IMO is the Civil War suit.

  11. Personally I wouldn't say it's better than TASM 2's suit but it's definitely a cool suit nonetheless and is madly underrated

  12. It’s the most unique one of them all, which I appreciate, and I actually like the lenses. ASM2 was more comic-accurate, but Spidey has worn tons of different suits in the comics so comic-accuracy isn’t a big deal to me when it comes to the suits. This one looks very dope in SpideyPS4 too. So many cool little details.

  13. I just think it looks more badass, I loved how it looked on the school and the sewer scene. All of the things I liked about the first suit and spidey in general in tasm1 was gone on the sequel

  14. I disagree tbh. As a teen myself there is no way in hell a teenager could make a suit as good looking as this. Especially if they are financially challenged as Peter parker is. The raimi and mcu proto suits are much more practical and grounded tbh. The proto suit andrew had is also far more grounded and realistic than this movie magic suit. The fabric and look of it is too good.

  15. Because it's modeled after athletic gear an made for efficiency. It's form fitting, but not skin tight for versatile movement. It's actually homemade and made from spandex, the soles are from Asics, and the lenses are actual sunglasses. Besides their homemade suits, all other live action Spider-Men have unrealistic suits.

  16. Think about it. If we look a Tobey, how the hell does a real person move around in insanely skin right great. Not to mention, how did he make such a good looking suit on minimum wage? With the Stark Suit, even fitting Peter is automated, and in all reality would never exist in the real world.

  17. I always had a problem with people just accepting that a spider bite made peter into an expert tailor

  18. I don’t necessarily think it’s the most grounded. I feel like the homemade homecoming suit takes the cake for that. But I must give this one props for being original, having a sick design, and still staying true to the comic book inspiration. It may be my favorite version of the suit honestly, but the Far From Home suit is pretty close.

  19. i think this one and the homecoming homemade suit is exactly what spider-man suits should look like in real life

  20. I honestly like the yellow lenses. It contrasts nice with the red and blue color palette on the suit. I love everything about it.

  21. I just don't like this suit for one reason and that is according to original comic material his feet wouldn't stick with those shoes

  22. I think the MCU Homemade suit hits those points for me better 🤔 personally anyways. Feels more like something a teenager, even a very smart one, could put together :3

  23. To me it’s had a reptile skin quality to the suit fabric. I’m not sure that was the intention in light of the villain.

  24. i think tom holland has best suits because of the clean designs and gadgets. what other spider-man can call a strike from a billion dollars worth of drones while he eats donuts while getting shot at and the arms are doing all the work

  25. I really love this suit. But nothing about it to me screams groundedness, realism or practicality any more than the other suits.

  26. Don’t make me laugh. Oh wait, you’re serious? This suit looks dumb and doesn’t even look like a real Spider Man suit. TASM 2, despite being the worst Spider-Man movie ever made, actually had a really good suit that was a massive step up from this trash.

  27. Because it's NOT a real Spider-Man suit, it isn't supposed to be, Peter made this suit with the intent to hide his identity while he goes out looking for revenge, it's dark, gritty, and borderline villainous. Captain Stacy calls him out on it in the movie. He doesn't become Spider-Man until the scene in the bridge where he understands what uncle Ben was trying to teach him. His second suit is his actual Spider-Man suit.

  28. Because of the sneakers? That’s the only realistic thing about the suit, it’s still some spandex blend that can be torn to reveal a shredded actor underneath, and the colors are still ridiculously vibrant. I love the suit, don’t get me wrong, I just don’t see how it’s any more “realistic” or “grounded”. If anything the mcu suit is the most realistic for having aperture eyes to help while swinging.

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