You're recently set to direct a Spider-Man reboot by Sony. You have to cast someone for the role of Peter Parker. You can't choose previous actors. Adult and married Peter Parker is essential for the plot. Who would you think for the role?

  1. I create a time traveling machine and cast 1980s Michael Fox as Peter Parker and 1940s Joseph Cotton as Norman Osborn.

  2. Yeah Michael J Fox is IMO the perfect casting. He could pull off funny dork/snarky hero so well I bet. I would kill to see that movie.

  3. Crazy thing is he wasnt the first choice for the role. The original actor actually filmed about half their scenes before either leaving or getting fired. We almost didn't get this version of Vigilante

  4. I just want Nic Cage to play a live action Spiderman Noir. But make it dark. Very dark. Like Sin City, The Batman dark. Oh, and also make it rated R.

  5. If we’re talking older worn down Spiderman, Jensen Ackles could do a good job. Not taking race into account Lakeith Stanfield and Riz Ahmed could also crush it.

  6. Natalie Portman is now Thor, so now we just need to cast Ewan in something to have the prequel trio all in Marvel

  7. Yes! Dylan was my choice before they cast Tom Holland! Actually, he was my choice up until I actually saw Tom Holland on-screen in Civil War. And if Sony decides to bring in yet another new Spider-Man for their villain universe, I'd LOVE for it to be him!

  8. I’d like to say Chris Pine. (I know, he voiced Peter in the spider verse movie). But I think he could play grizzled, been-through-it-all Peter while still maintaining the hope that is Spiderman.

  9. I'm still curious when he's going to pop up in the MCU. Seems like he's a perfect fit for so many different roles.

  10. This is kinda cheating but John Bubniak (he was the actor for the Spider-Man PS4 Game with the original face).

  11. He's a great actor and I'd love to see him in a superhero role. Personally I think he could make a great Cyclops (or maybe even Wolverine...)

  12. Evan Peters is a great typecast for a sympathetic « friendly neighbourhood » superhero role and I think he could pull off a lot of those

  13. I think he's too sarcastic to be Parker. Also Spidey usually plays the role of Captain America while he is hanging out with DP. Moreover he's too tall...

  14. I think Ben Schwartz would make a good Peter. He kinda has that Andrew Garfield energy, but is still a bit of a dorky guy that could pull off Pete’s “awkward” side.

  15. I second ben shawartz, he’s done such a good job as sonic recently, i could see him putting on the mask and balancing a more serious character with some serious quips

  16. Adult and married? How old? Because I think Andy Samberg would be a good one. (Inspired by a post i saw some days ago.

  17. In his early 30s. By the way Andy Samberg? I could see myself bursting out laughing every second of the movie in theater lol

  18. Grant Gustin … I always thought he would be perfect for a Ben Riley , cause like …. Andrew Garfield at home type vibes

  19. I was about to say that. I saw him on titans and good god he is an amazing actor. Taking the role as the leader robin and eventually nightwing. I can see him as an older and wiser Peter parker maybe while tutoring a young miles morales

  20. I’ve no idea how his American accent is but I bet Nicholas Hoult would be brilliant as Pete. Also at least the second Peter he would have played lol.

  21. Nicholas Hoult did an American accent as Hank McCoy in X-Men I'm pretty sure. He was always my pick as a slightly older Tim Drake but he is starting to age out of that role.

  22. The current idea I've had and partly written is a kind of Hangover style movie where Daredevil, Wolverine, and Spider-Man traverse NYC over a night filled with drunken bar fights with Sabertooth.

  23. Zac Efron would be interesting, I think he has the potential. Before the downvotes start rolling in, I said it would be interesting, not good😅

  24. I agree 100% he's always been my #1 pick for the role. After Love and Monsters I felt it even more so.

  25. I think Freddie Stroma would be a good choice. He’s great as Vigilante in Peacemaker. And I think he could pull off both Spider-Man and Peter Parker really well.

  26. I always thought Robert Sean Leonard from Dead Poets Society and House would’ve been the perfect Peter Parker. He looked even more like the character when he was younger

  27. Look I know it breaks the rules but if it’s adult and married Peter Parker then Andrew Garfield is my pick

  28. y'know- i wish i didnt want to punch his face fro no reason. I really do. Its an intrusive thought and he doesn't deserve it, but I'm not sure that reflex wouldnt take over if confronted with him on the street. Feel bad about it, *edit-- but also strongly.

  29. I thought Jake Gyllenhaal. Great actor, great comedic chops, old enough to be older and married but not too old.

  30. I love that artwork... it looks like it could be the box art for a Spider-Man Atari 2600 game cartridge, back in the day.

  31. TYE SHERIDAN as adult Peter Parker (in grad school teaching high school science. Still takes photos on the weekend and does gigs for extra money)

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