[DRIT] Elektra "Winner" Bionic

  1. This was definitely the most unexpected crowing in recent memory for me, but I'm not entirely upset. If Farida can land herself a spot on IAS, it will probably be more beneficial to her than winning Italia. Also, Elecktra did do well.

  2. An absolute bloody mess. Farida deserved that and they crown the queen in the top 3 who has no wins im crying LMAOOOO nothing against Elecktra she seems super talented but if ur gonna crown someone at least give them a win as she was robbed of a win earlier in the season and i dont think fans are gonna view her in the same league as other winners cause no shade just objectively and factually based on her run she's not. Also this season as a whole was a mess even Thomasso looked visibly upset at some decisions e.g ava going home and the lack of high placements this season was awkward too.

  3. we've seen that with some of the latest Drag Race seasons, whoever dominates the main challenges of the season doesn't win for whatever reason. Bianca del Rio found dead in a ditch

  4. Love this obscure reference, really upset that Emma didn't win at the time but Letitia showed us what the judges saw post show and she slayed!

  5. the fact that she won the competition with the same wig she wore in her entrance look is already ICONIC. When it's right it's right. Also, her boy butt during the reading challenge had me feeling some type of way 😍😍😘

  6. When Italy’s economy will be similar to the other countries u mentioned then we’ll care about the opinions from people abroad

  7. So I was right NOT not to watch the rest of the season. I was rooting for Farida and this just confirmed I was right about this mess.

  8. My favorite part of the finale was the crew coming out and celebrating with everyone. It was so unexpected but I loved it.

  9. That cast was so lackluster they literally brought her back and wanted to crown her. Maybe if they didn’t gift wrap Karen that first win.

  10. to be fair, farida kinda tanked the finale. elecktra was consistently good and honestly wouldve had a HIGH HIGH(or win tbh) HIGH HIGH HIGH track record if the traditional judging happebed

  11. OP, usually when a winner is being posted it is spoiler tagged and the queen isn’t named in the title.. that’s because people can see this post even when they aren’t on the sub, it appears on peoples reddit homepages (so if you decide to avoid SDR because you don’t like a winner being spoiled, you’ve still spoiled it for them)

  12. I personally think this season was set up for Enorma vs. Electra at the end to win until the incident. I honestly loved Enorma's apathy towards the whole show; it was the most entertaining thing I've seen this year. Since the incident, it suddenly switched for an Elektra, with not a lot of competition, win. I could feel the win for Elektra when they did Dita von Teese runway.

  13. tbh elecktra ate the finale and faridas verse was crunchy and her runway looked like shangelas wrecking ball outfit

  14. Yeah I feel that. Farida has served some seriously amazing fashion, but that final look as a letdown. That random bird coming out of her stomach was serving “Alien”. Also kinda weird choice to have shows that only go with the reveal lipsync outfit underneath.

  15. i literally joked a few weeks ago that elektra would be the first ever winner with no challenge win and i'm shook if i knew i was scarlett witch and could change reality i would've made myself rich wtf 😂

  16. Both Italy and Down Under failed in the post-production department. DU sounded like it was recorded in a public bathroom on a free clinic. Lighting and editing of Italy was totally shit. The judging? I’m used to the shenanigans.

  17. Farida did well but only towards the end of the show. Otherwise, Farida was pretty forgettable, thanks to the editting. Elektra did well throughout, even for not having any wins.

  18. I hate when people invalidate queens’ wins but I’m having real difficulty seeing why Elecktra was crowned. I was really shocked it wasn’t Farida. I’d say they were pretty even in the finale episode (Elecktra did better in the reading challenge but Farida’s choreography was better). But obviously Farida has the better track record. I watched the first half of the season quite passively and honestly nothing Elecktra has done has stuck in my mind. I frequently get her confused with Divinity still (Le Riche similarly has done nothing to stand out to me). The stars of the season seemed to be Enorma (the villain, HIV story), Luquisha (personality) and Farida (the frontrunner, great runways). If they were going to crown a queen with no wins they may as well have given it to Luquisha because at least she was memorable.

  19. FUN FACT its possible for fans to be happy for a winner and still root for a different person to have won!!

  20. But electra can now do an all winners season and farida don’t. Plus both farida and Electra would have been equally good choices for IAS so it doesn’t make sense.

  21. Well, all we need now to complete the cursed winners list is someone who actually literally lipsyncs their way to the crown being in the bottom every episode and still winning

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