The first ever BMW m3 wagon isn’t coming to the USA. Can we try to change that?

  1. The only way to make this work is to ask BMW to take down payments. Say $5000 US / $7000 CAN to reserve the right to order one. Then if enough of us are willing it would prove the interest is there. I would be worried that so many of would opt in to that scenario that they wouldn’t want to do it because the M vehicles need to continue to be limited in number, otherwise the cache (for most) would be damaged. I could care less; I’d debase the thing as soon as I could arrange it and let everyone I pass wonder what that rumble was about… If you can’t tell, my F31 MSport leaves me wishing it has a deeper voice everyday!

  2. Every expensive BMW wagon they have ever brought to North America has sold hilariously poorly. E39 540i, E61 535xi, the odd 5 series GT...

  3. It wouldn’t be about financial sense... it would be to create good will, press, halo effect, etc. The numbers don’t always have to add up on paper.

  4. I swear I am willing to sacrifice my manual E61 wagon to BMW gods, and never ever criticize recent BMW designs, if they bring M3 touring to North America.

  5. Im going to tell you as someone who works at BMW now and worked for Benz prior as a salesmen, no one buys wagons. The only people interested in wagons are enthusiasts who 9 times out of 10 cant afford them and therefore will not buy them or old people who dont want the performance model.

  6. I’m the textbook performance wagon buyer… I want BMW to make them and sell them to someone else so I can buy one used 3-5 years later.

  7. So if they brought it here. Would you buy it? As in do you have the money to do so and are you willing to. Or do you first want to see some reviews? Or do you want to buy it in 10 years when prices are a bit better.

  8. their focus is ev now. they wont put money into any new ice engines or chassis. it'll be a tough sell to intro a new ice car into the USA

  9. I signed that petition when they first started talking about it. I seriously doubt it will do any good but hey, better to speak up right?

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