Is it bad that I can’t ship Damian and Anya because they’re kids?

  1. I get you, but have you seen the wattpad spyxfamily fans? I haven’t witnessed this particular thing, but one of my friends say they found a fanfic that’s literally named TW (first time using a spoiler, might mess it up)

  2. I really want them to be good friends who can actually help each other deal with family issues and grow (since both of them don't necessarily have the best families, anya's being a fake family while, damian having a family who doesn't seem to care about him at all)

  3. Not at all! The only way I can actually ship these two is with the context of a timeskip to teenage years/adulthood. Other than that I wanna see these kids be kids

  4. nah, i get it. they're kids who imo shouldn't be focusing on romance LMAO. i get it if you ship them as older kids - but as the ages they are, it's a no go for me.

  5. SAME!! I’m a huuuge fanfiction and comic reader, but whenever I see them two (both in their age and future) it feels illegal-

  6. no it’s not bad at all. finding their interactions cute is normal but that’s just it for me. don’t really care for their romance (even referring to their relationship as romance feels weird 😭) because like u said, they’re little kids. on the other hand im much more invested in yor and loid’s relationship.

  7. YESS HAHA SAME— I’d rather read about a couple in their late 20’s having a mysterious romance than expect kids to kiss. I do think the feeling of slight sympathy between Damian and Anya is sweet, but it’s just not it for me. If I was in spyxfamily, I’d be the dog, as single as I am. :,)

  8. I don’t think it’s bad to feel iffy about it. Children do get crushes but I don’t think shipping is an adequate term for it, really. Shipping is also personal preference.

  9. No it's completely normal even if some weird people the fanbase disagree with you. They're kids and should be allowed to remain as such. These are the weirdos that ask 12 year olds about having girlfriends/boyfriends.

  10. thats why i like the aged up fanarts. Appropriate age for them to be thinking about dating. as kids, i just like them being kids and messinng around like other kids.

  11. Most instances of DamiAnya usually have them grown up at least. Dating in High School or later clearly isn’t taboo, and there’s no telling how long Operation Stirix is supposed to take.

  12. It’s not bad at all. You’re allowed to like or dislike whatever ship you want. I ship Damianya, but as them being not just for world peace friends, and being there for each other because of how young they are, and when they get older then it’s okay that they start dating.

  13. As a person who ship Damianya, no one force you mate. If there is, then they are an extreme shipper that need to stay away.

  14. Honestly I don't get why people think it's so creepy. Their dynamic as they are right now is cute, and people interested in that would want to see how their relationship will expand as they grow up. That's not weird. Some of these people spend too much time on the internet.

  15. No, it's a feeling I relate to greatlyyyyy! I read fics a lot, and I dodge works that focus on them rather than the family (extended or limited) or TwiYor.

  16. No, I don't think so. they're kids and Anya's "interest" in him seems purely professional. Which is why the whole family should becomes a legit unit.

  17. It's more the children's lit mentality for other people (Ron and hermione from harry potter, percy and annabeth from percy Jackson etc). People like the potential they could have in the future (hence so many aged up anya and damian fanart pictures) and think those kinds of growing up together developments are always really interesting because a lot of time is put into it but they don't want them to be a couple now or anything, right now they only want them to be friends and be cute and annoying like kids are.

  18. It's fine , don't listen to the prudes and heterophobes. They wouldn't have this problem if it was a same sex couple.

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  20. It's not bad. I kinda feel the same way; they're too young I can't see them in a romantic light yet. I do want them to be good friends though.

  21. Chilhood rivals to friends to lovers is a cute trope though, just look at Sakura and Syaoran back in the day.

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