AEW Dynamite Ratings: 1,023 mil viewers P18-49 rating: 0.36 #1 for the night

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  2. The Jericho Appreciation Society. For over 1 million viewers the recognised symbol of excellence for Sports... Ennerdainers

  3. My favorite moment with him so far was when the JAS had started their feud with Kingston and when they did the looking behind the curtain to see if Kingston was behind it and the way he said "nothing!" Just cracked me up so much.

  4. I'd suspect well over a million. That's a million average for the whole show. The cage match probably had way more viewers than the first few matches

  5. Mr. OOC said it on OSW but Christian really is one of the best dressed men in pro wrestling history. I’ve always found him to be super handsome too in that Jorah Mormont-esque way

  6. That's all fine and dandy, but we know that the real reason is Jay White single handedly selling out the United Center for Forbidden Door provided the necessary PPV bump that got Blood and Guts that big number.

  7. People talk about AEW having such wrestling diversity up and down the card in terms of styles, but how about technical clothing diversity? Jericho wearing the leather pants, vest, and hat to celebrate Pride month? Durag Daniel Garcia? Turtleneck Christian Cage? Denim Jean Aviators Orange Cassidy? Young Bucks Shoe Game. Wardlow's nipples. We could go ON and ON.

  8. I love when everyone in this sub turns into a TV executive when ratings come out. Literally no one knows what they mean but they dissect for hours.

  9. I know right. I got downvoted to hell last week because I pointed out that people were ignoring the constant 900k+ viewers the whole year, just because they were down the past two weeks

  10. One Nielsen household for overnight ratings represents around 20,000 Americans, so I believe a 200,000 viewership change is literally 10 televisions watching something else.

  11. Putting Blood and Guts right after Forbidden Door to bring back the AEW fans that were not too interested in the New Japan stuff was a brilliant move by TK.

  12. especially with the buzz of Moxley, one of their most over superstars, being champion again and involved in the match.

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  14. Lol this has happened to me a hundred times and this is probably the first I've seen am explanation. Thanks mate!

  15. Yeah they've been #1 or #2 endlessly, but the big thing to me about this week is how far ahead they were of #2 without playoff sports in the mix.

  16. Was downvoted to hell for saying hockey put a dent into AEW's viewership (for the record I don't care about internet points just found it funny to get downvoted for not being on the doom and gloom train).

  17. I feel like when we're analyzing something as granular as demo ratings and viewers by the hundreds of thousands instead of millions then pretty much any reasonable explanation can be interpreted as "cope" by people who want to lol. It's not worth engaging with

  18. I can't wait until the reverse cope when football season starts and Monday Night Football goes up against Raw.

  19. AVS fan here. Last Friday a good 80-90 percent of people in Denver were tuned to the cup. Hell 200k+ showed up for the parade today and I'm not saying that every single person there watches AEW but I'm sure a fair amount do.

  20. He was crazy enough to take Claudio’s damn giant swing on the top of the cage too. Well worth it now lol

  21. I expect a lot of "legitimately concerned" people who saw the bad ratings the last few weeks as proof of their perception of the quality of the shows and how they'll soon be at 500k viewers are probably very surprised now and overthink how accurate their take was... or they'll wait for the next time the ratings drop a week or two and scream about how the ship is sinking, one of the two

  22. It will be hard to maintain the growth in these three upcoming months. July was the returning on the road for AEW, and August/September their insane run with First Dance, All Out and Grand Slam.

  23. Last July had the return to touring + the white hot Hangman/Omega feud so I don't expect them to have a growth that month or in August. Too much momentum last year.

  24. TV viewship falls 10% every year and yet AEW has seen growth in almost all months YOY. Unprecedented.

  25. Meltz was sayin they have ratings increase if a match goes longer than 20 min, increasing as it goes on. That 1hr BnG match probably peaked at the end!

  26. AEW critics: "Yeah a million people tuned in to see the novelty of Blood and Guts, but I bet you next week when it's 997k, that'll prove AEW should have never had so much blood and hardcore weapons in the match. Just proof they can't keep casuals watching. They're gonna lose viewers with all of this blood and gimmicks stuff."

  27. The combined powers of Tie Dye Chuckie T, Turtleneck Christian, and Durag Daniel Garcia were the secret formula to getting to 7 digits apparently

  28. People love to pile on when things aren’t going so well. If the rating is under a million next week, they will come back to raise some shit.

  29. Christian in a turtleneck, Garcia in a durag, JAS dressed like extras from Magic Mike, and a heel Luchasuarus brought them a million viewers this week. Love to see it

  30. Punk, Danielson, MJF, Omega, Adam Cole, DMD all NOT on the show. OK the draw was obviously Blood & Guts, but I found something refreshing about parts of this show in the first hour. It wasn't the same show in the same order.

  31. Tony Khan to David Zaslav and entire Discovery/Warner Front Office: "I DON'T WANNA WAIT UNTIL 2024. FIRE ME. FIREEEE ME. YOUUUUU FUCKING MARKKKKKSS!!!"

  32. Also, they gave us a wide variety of matches. Like FTR and Danhausen vs Ass Boys and Max felt very pandemic-y. Just a bunch of fresh faces that were super over.

  33. Forbidden Door momentum + Blood and Guts (featuring Jericho, Mox and Claudio) is a great recipe for mainstream success.

  34. Mox as champion is such a draw. He has such an energy. Its infectious over the whole product. Everything is just fucking hyped up to a million when he’s champ.

  35. Jokes about the billion thread aside, this is a great bounce back after all the concern trolling over the past couple weeks.

  36. I just laugh at the doom-mongering posts now. They happen like clockwork, every time AEW has a couple of bad ratings, it's suddenly the end of the world. Then it always bounces back a couple of weeks later.

  37. Can we praise the company without the constant commenting of "haha concern trolls in the mud lol" and all the same jokes, we get it.

  38. I honestly didn’t really expect Blood and Guts to be a draw. I kinda expected an hour long bloody match to turn some people off. Glad I was wrong because it was a really fun show.

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