A print I ordered during the pandemic of the original AEW roster; kinda crazy how different it is now. Do you miss anyone?

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  2. I miss Shida & Riho, even though they're not gone it would be nice to see them on TV more often than every few months.

  3. Is that supposed to be Chuck Taylor above Brandi? Only guessing it's him because Trent is next to him. Looks more like CM Punk then Chuck.

  4. I thought it was Chavo, and still was 75% sure it was Chavo when I saw Trent but couldn’t find Chuck. Poor Chuck man.

  5. AEW had some real bad luck missing out on her due to the pandemic. Her and Jamie would be all the reason needed for women’s tag titles.

  6. I wish Kong's body wasn't so broken down that she got one last run, and I would have liked to have seen what Bea woulda done in AEW.

  7. Might get some flak for this one, but I genuinely miss Jimmy Havoc. He was entertaining as hell, but he obviously had his demons. I've seen what he's up to now and it's pretty disheartening as a fan, a far cry from who he was when he was wrestling. Honestly, I just hope he's clean and in a better place mentally.

  8. As someone who liked his work in Progress, I was excited to see him get chance to do his thing on a larger stage. Obviously he wasn’t going to be a major star, but I thought he could fill a niche and have a nice run, but it wasn’t to be.

  9. Agree 100%. I always enjoyed him in the ring in Impact and AEW, and shit went down when he and Kip really started to pick up steam as a tag team.

  10. Well I don’t remember Gilbert Gottfried being on the roster (below Jurassic express, above SCU) but I bet he had one hell of a run

  11. Seriously, who is that? The only thing I can think of is one of the other 2/3 of StrongHearts but I only see CIMA.

  12. At this point I miss most of them. Where's riho popping ratings and being someone I can't see anywhere else, or Yuka sakazaki? Kenny was right that joshi could have been to aew what lucha cruiserweight s were to WCW. The pandemic killed it and now it's limbo. After that I'm still missing sonny , Joey, and most of the roster pictured. It wasn't a polished product but it had character. R.i.p. Santana. p &p were destined to be Champs in my headcannon.

  13. Yes, thank you! I couldn’t remember the artist’s name but I highly recommend checking him out as well.

  14. Man, I really miss Cody being on AEW TV. I like that WWE is treating him like a big deal, but I still do miss seeing him put on great matches week after week.

  15. The annoying little brother, running around, yapping at the mouth, writing checks his ass can't cash... then scrambling to hide behind Luchasaurus.

  16. Same, but he seemed to be half assing it during the later part of the run. You got a dinosaur and a guy raised in the jungle. Then you got a short guy with a fany pack and jeans. Like he didnt care?

  17. Stu Grayson could’ve been used better. Also, Marko Stunt was unique and fun on the show. I hope he gets brought back for this Jungle Boy/Christian story

  18. Cody & Stu but it's not like they were doing anything with Stu and the majority of fans (I guess) were burnt out on Cody. I definitely didn't like the Ogogo feud, but other than that I'll take Codyverse over the excessive amount of NXT 3.0 Undisputed Elite shit we've got since then

  19. Was actually thinking the exact opposite. I think it’s sad she never got a run with the women’s title before leaving. The heat would have been incredible.

  20. AEW has been in a tough spot, which is the same any non-WWE company faces, where they either have a roster that lacks talent or they have a roster that's full of former WWE stars.

  21. I think a key point to consider is that most of the AEW Ex-WWE wrestlers didn’t get released because they were past their prime. I suppose you could make that argument for Punk and the Hardys, but the rest can still really go.

  22. The issue with tna was usually guys would come in and vent about wwe then get pushed to the title. Plus they would repeat old angles like the nwo almost reformed and the screwjob

  23. I prefered this version of AEW, it felt like a different product. The joshis were my fav. Funny how brandy gets featured, disliked her and whatever shit cody was doing with ogogo. Shida, yuka and riho were great a pity there was no major feud between those three.

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