Live WWE RAW Discussion Thread! - September 5th, 2022!

  1. The top face on RAW, believes someone jumping you before a match justifies locking them in a steel cage with their kidnapper, who is stalking them. Remind me why I should cheer Lashley after this?

  2. Calling now that Ciampa is somehow behind the Lumis attacks and we get Ciampa vs Miz at Extreme Rules and/or Survivor Series.

  3. There is way too many people with choke finishers, it fits Lumis but having so many people with variations of chokes just waters it down.

  4. The smug climb. The suspense. The smile. The camera angle. Miz's face when he sees Dex is why I love wrestling so much

  5. You know they had it accidentally for a second but the announcers just being dead silent during dexters sleeper would be a nice touch

  6. Thank you for explaining this. I kept seeing people say it was a reference American Psycho but I haven't seen the movie so I didn't get it. I thought he was implying Lumis returned a lot of porn videos.

  7. it's a movie called "American Psycho" (starring Christian Bale). Sam Shaw (Dexter Lumis) has said both of his characters take a lot from that movie as well as the Showtime show "Dexter"

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