LIVE AEW Dynamite 9/7/22 Discussion

  1. Could you imagine if all out happened in the 90s and most of us were not on the dirt sheets? And then to have the titles suddenly vacated with no explanation lol.

  2. Fights happened backstage fairly often back then. But since most people never heard about them, nothing major would happen on TV. They might have the guy with the title that night, but that about it.

  3. They may not even vacate the titles. If the company knew that news of the altercation wouldn’t get out to the public, they may have just kept it hush and tried to keep the involved talent as far as possible from each other backstage. But publicly pretend nothing happened.

  4. Splitting siog gives aew 2 more upper carders who can slot into main events and better is ones heel and the other a face

  5. Keith probably will remain a baby face while Swerve turns heel. So I image they don’t want him to get heat by cutting off the acclaimed with swerve, and adds more to the angle to the 2 not being on the same page

  6. I don't watch much wrestling at all these days. But watched All Out and tonight's Dynamite. These guys don't need CM Punk. Great show!

  7. Great ending with RoH legend Danielson anointing the new generation, and with Jericho's look of betrayal.

  8. It looks different but I like it, when he arcs way back it looks brutal, except when he starts bouncing. When he is bouncing it looks goofy

  9. Just mad that he lost and Bryan was there to crown the new champ, just background small flames of faction relationships.

  10. Gotta be this guy but we didn't need world renowned talents for this episode which made it great. Breath of fresh air really.

  11. Solid show tonight despite the craziness of the past few days. Was throughly sports entertained throughout it must say. Night everyone! See yall for Rampage!

  12. This was such a solid show top to bottom. No out of place segments, so worrying about picking out bread crumbs. Just a group of professionals having a banger of a show.

  13. I love that the BCC's gimmick is 4 dads stealing everyone's childrens. First Orange, now Jericho. Stokely better keep an eye on Moriarty.

  14. I think this is my favorite story in wrestling this year. It has all the right guys playing all the right parts, and it helps that I would've killed to be Daniel Garcia a decade ago.

  15. All the dipshits involved in the fight should probably take notice of this episode and reevaluate how much Tony needs them, because it really looks like he could fire them all and be fine right now, maybe Punk most of all

  16. Thank god wheeler Yuta lost man that guy is vanilla has no substance I don't think I ever seen do a promo

  17. Wrestling is so much better when you just have a lead heel like Chris Jericho that you want a babyface to fuck him up because of the shit he says and does as a wrestling heel.

  18. It's really fucking cool how over Garcia and Yuta have gotten from being complete nobodies and so fast

  19. Prediction - Garcia end up in the BCC and Yuta gets super jealous, goes heel and gets kicked out of the BCC

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