[PWInsider]: Full Men's War Games Teams Revealed

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  2. Depends on the severely of the MCL sprain. Among knee injuries it is thankfully mild. If he's Gung ho about it they can tape it and brace it, it'll be sore but if he doesn't do anything crazy he'll be fine. Again depends on severity

  3. Probably have him come in last and keep his involvement minimal without doing anything to crazy. The main point of him being there is to build on the Sami/Jey/Roman relationship. Shouldn't really need to do a lot of actual physicality for that.

  4. Dave said on Monday he was told Owens was intended to be a surprise in the match, so if they don’t announce him Monday it doesn’t mean he’s necessarily been pulled. But MCL sprains aren’t a minor injury

  5. Makes sense, and the match will be absolutely tremendous. Hopefully that means Owens is all good to go, but I can't see that being the case with how bad it was reported as.

  6. I’m so hyped for this! You’ve got history between Roman and Drew, Roman and KO, and a fresh matchup with him and Sheamus. Then you’ve got the obvious Sami/Kevin dynamic (which means you already know we’re getting a hockey fight while the crowd goes crazy) but I also have a feeling Butch, Ridge and Solo are gonna get some great moments to shine.

  7. KO on one side and Sami on the other. Interesting. Family one on side and family on the other. Going to be conflicting for Sami. Shenanigans expected.

  8. This can stay booked as-is up until the night, with Bloodline winning the man advantage. Then Owens can be kayfabe jumped in the back, so the replacement is kept a surprise until the last countdown is complete.

  9. Depends on the severity. An MCL sprain can be anywhere from a 1 or 2 week injury to a few months. If it's a Grade 1, he could be good to go.

  10. I would bet on Gargano. Cause 1. War Games 2. KO and him are buddies. I can’t see someone like Bray joining forces with them

  11. Butch could be like"i know a guy" after kevin owens gets written off then we see Tyler Bate have his main roster debut

  12. I was worried about star power to create a legitimate threat to the Bloodline. Shaemus, KO, Drew, Butch, and Ridge is a legit force

  13. I was a bit worried they'd end up doing Brutes + New Day as Wargames, which would probably be awesome, but doesn't feel like as big of a deal as it should. KO and Drew really even things out

  14. The thing is that the Cody match was a pain tolerance issue and the match itself was built around Cody's injury. Hell, it became a bullrope match in the middle of it in order to heighten the dramatics re: the injury.

  15. As expected. I think KO is the type of person to know how important him being there is to move along the Bloodline/Sami storyline so if they have to and he wont do anymore damage to it he will just tape/brace it and work through it.

  16. You can tell the quality of the reporting because they get two team names completely wrong. The bloodline vs The Brawling Brutes with Drew and KO.

  17. If they need a 5th to replace KO, maybe have Bron Breakker enter with the NXT Championship. He’s already competed in one WarGames match and would be good experience for him imo

  18. Im scared KO might make his knee injury worse. I mean it’s reported they want “highlights” right?

  19. I was a little paranoid that Sami Zayn might not get to join the Bloodline at War Games in order to stir drama and make him feel outcasted again, but they seem to be sticking with the current path that Jey is the only one acting very un-Ucey towards him. Might still play into the finish though.

  20. Kevin Owens has his own issues with Roman Reigns due to their feud back in late 2020/early 2021. Not only that, but Kevin Owens is concerned about Sami Zayn and wants him to get out of the Bloodline before they inevitably throw him aside.

  21. If Kevin Owens cannot do this match, they could put Braun Strowman in the match. It would be interesting to see since both Strowman and Reigns have history.

  22. I think if KO isnt cleared In time they have a couple of options. I think Rollins or Riddle are unlikely. My pick would be Kofi Kingston personally

  23. Sounds to me like KO will wrestle the match but he'll be taped up and extremely limited. He won't be back to 100% until the Royal Rumble assuming his MCL sprain is mild. They'll do an injury angle for sure. Sami hesitates on attacking KO so the Bloodline takes matters into their own hands and fucks up his knee. KO returns at the Rumble and confronts The Bloodline. Sami eventually breaks from the Bloodline and he and KO win the tag team titles at WrestleMania. The story writes itself.

  24. Man, anything involving Roman just fills me with such a deflated feeling; not because he's a bad wrestler, but just because the outcome is written in stone, with no swerves or interesting wrinkles.

  25. If it’s not for the belt his team can loose and he can still be champ. If an uso eats a pin for example

  26. Nah there’s loads they can do with it. Someone else on his team gets pinned, He gets pinned and then whoever pins him has a “I beat the champ” storyline, Sami tried to take a bullet for Roman but ‘accidentally’ takes him out instead, Sami wins the match for the bloodline after Roman is taken out. All could lead to interesting stories.

  27. I wouldn't be shocked if KO is the last guy in, works a little hurt and gets his shit in so the story can advance. "Jumping off the cage" KO, not so much. This is assuming it's a minor tear, where another week of healing will make it sore to work on but workable nonetheless, and not a major tear, where I'd go with Riddle, Ricochet, Kofi or Madcap Moss.

  28. These teams were obvious from the end segment on SmackDown. I guess Kevin is okay to still be in the match despite the injury though? If so then it would probably be limited like him being the last one to enter for his team and trying not take any hard bumps and damage his MCL even more.

  29. This isn’t a spoiler…this is very obvious if you watch the show. The only question is whether or not KO will be healthy or not. My guess, if he’s not healthy, they’ll put in a guy like Braun

  30. The entire thing sounds amazing but I'm intrigued by seeing roman in there considering he's only done singles matches really

  31. That was my dream team for the super team, so I'm stoked. KO had to be involved. The Brawling Brutes even the odds as far as tag teams go, plus Butch has WarGames experience (KO too). Then Drew is the beast that puts it all together.

  32. Sika's going to be make a 1 night return as the replacement for KO and show Roman that he's the true Tribal Chief and beat Roman clean in the middle of the ring. Then Sika wins the Rumble and headlines Mania against Roman and wins both belts. Who wouldn't want a 77 year old grandfather as the face of the company? Sikamania baby! /heavy sarcasm

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