Visiting STL for First Time

  1. It’s not on the menu but they make the best bread pudding you will ever find. It takes about 15 -20 minutes so you order it halfway through your meal.

  2. Union Loafers for sandwiches and their Little Gem Salad. Pint Sized Bakery is fun for classic American treats with a vintage vibe. Comet or Blueprint for coffee. Yaqui’s is a good pizza bar on Cherokee. The Mud House on Cherokee for breakfast. The London Tea Room in Tower Grove on Morganford can be a good place to stop and have a pot of fresh tea and scones.

  3. Civil Life microbrewery in Tower Grove South, Lona’s Lil Eats in TGE (delicious Chinese food unlike anything else), Kitchen House Coffee in TGE for breakfast.

  4. Food: Pie Guy is the best pizza in St. Louis. Sen Thai downtown is great Thai food. Fork & Stix for more Thai food. The best BBQ is Bogart's in Soulard, and anyone that says otherwise is lying (I'll die on this hill). The Shaved Duck is also yummy but a bit fancier. Speaking of hills, The Hill is our Lttle Italy. All the food is mediocre American-Italian and nothing worth going out of your way for EXCEPT Adriana's sandwich shop and J. Devoti's. O'Connell's Pub is a sleepy pub that has delicious burgers and a really awesome old vibe. Taqueria el Bronco for Mexican.

  5. The Foundry is a food hall that’s fairly new. I like Rockwell Brewery. Tempus is interesting in the Grove but Inonly had apps. Missouri Baking Co and other old school places on the lHill

  6. Since you’ll be in the Fox Park/TG East area, and hopefully on an expense account, you may want to consider these more upscale places that are close by:

  7. The visitor is from Memphis where the crime rate dwarfs the crime rate in St. Louis. As a matter of fact, Memphis ranks as the most violent metro area in the US; St. Louis isn’t even in the top 50:

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