So how come many hate nilahs skin having green? just curious

  1. I would much rather the skins be one color. The lack of consistency that came with season three definitely made me bummed. I love the Star Guardian line but I am not half as drive to grab these because of their lack of coordination and consistency. I totally get that other people like it though!

  2. I guess having all of these characters with similar color schemes works when we have a smaller cast, but with more than 20 teams, or you change the color pattern or you risk have them look TOO MUCH like one another. It’s weird enough they made Kai’sa look so much like Lux. For the sake of clarity, it makes sense

  3. I did too until I realized they’re mostly leaders from broken teams and their gems and outfits don’t match because of that. Which would be cool but sad. I also wish we got uniform upgrades like what happens a lot of the time in anime.

  4. Ahh so instead youd want to go back to a fully coordinated team with different monochromatic colors? 😗

  5. Mine is because of the continuity errors it presents with the colors of the suits and the lore. Having Nilah and Ekko have multiple colors in their SG skins with none of them beings primary makes it harder to determine their roles and symbolism in the line. I wish Ekko was orange and Nilah was purple exclusively. Neeko is the only one it was ok to do that with because Neeko was the only non corrupt SG released in 2019, so her mashup of colors is more justified with the corrupted themes.

  6. I think personally for me, most magical girl anime uses the color grouping to help define the characters, and I think it helps to have simpler color palettes with magical girls bc they usually have a large cast of girls who may be easy to get mixed up. Xayah and Rakan definitely started the trend, and I think if xayah and rakan were mostly one color with maybe with a hint of the others color scheme hidden in their design to help sell the fact that they’re not complete without the other (like their kits/each having one wing to be a complete whole) it would have worked better. To me nilahs design just feels a bit messy and I feel like has a lot of potential to be good but just seems a bit much on the eyes with the pink whip, purple, and green accents, rather than kaisa who’s mostly pink with maybe a hint of purple here and there. I don’t hate nilah, but ekko and her definitely fall a bit flatter for me than kaisa and sona so far because their skins don’t seem to have the same cohesion that kaisa and sona do.

  7. For me, its the pairing of that green-turqoise with the pink they used, it just doesn't look to nice to me. Combined with just the over abundance of detail in her design it looks kind of messy. If I had to choose though I would personally prefer them to reduce the clutter.

  8. The story seems to be different for this round of SGs so the color theming we're used to doesn't (seem to) apply here, aside from Sona and Kai'Sa suiting their colors well.

  9. Too overloaded with color. Purple and pink AND green. I think they should have stick with white and 2 other colors. Not to mention pink green and purple is extremely reminiscent of Order Of The Lotus Irelia

  10. I think that might actually be the point of the colorings! The National flower of India is the lotus, and Nilah is heavily inspired by Indian and other South Asian cultures. I originally wasn’t a fan of the colors either, but now I can appreciate them more.

  11. What bothers me the most is not that she has green in her outfit, but that her VFX are pink instead of purple since she has no pink on her.

  12. I don't mind her green. Green is a lovely accent to purple, both be secondary colors. But those plus the pink is just dumb. Not only does the pink clash with the green (and not even with a nice commentary color way) but it just muddies her look.

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