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  1. This is what I’m here for. At some point, Kenobi had to come clean about what really happened to Anakin Skywalker, and why it’s so imperative to keep Luke safe. Imagine being Owen in that scenario. Taking in a your nephew, who you think is an orphan, and at some point, you learn that not only is his father still alive, but he’s the most fearsome and dangerous person in the galaxy…and he will be looking for you.

  2. Quite a lot of blasting from a character notorious for his dislike of blasters. I'm guessing he's very cautious about when he gets his lightsaber out given his situation.

  3. If you trying to remain in hiding I would think that using a lightsaber when most known lightsaber users are thought to be dead would be a dead giveaway that you are someone that the empire is looking for.

  4. Can confirm: I played SWG and was a Jedi and the visibility you'd gain from using your lightsaber would have the bounty hunters swarming on you.

  5. Does anyone know what exactly Owen knows of Anakin's fate? Does he just think that he died in the Clone Wars? is he aware that he turned evil? Does he know that he is Darth Vader?

  6. Such an amazing line. Soon as I heard it, I knew that would be the biggest thing anyone got from the trailer.

  7. I know everyone is super excited for Hayden and possible Anakin flashbacks (which I am fully on board with) but I’m really hoping to see some more of Kenobi’s past with Qui-Gon.

  8. Qui Gon is fantastic untapped potential as far as the series goes tbh. Wish they’d do more with him. Ultimately he’s probably the ‘truest’ Jedi we’ve seen on screen.

  9. Loved that series! I can't remember much, but didn't QG have another apprentice named Xanatos or something?

  10. Have you read master and apprentice? Recently listened to the audiobook and it was amazing.

  11. I'm wondering if they'll digitally make him look closer to Alec in the finale just to bridge the gap.

  12. Couple thoughts on the trailer - One, Kingo needs to be louder, angrier, and have access to a time machine. Two, whenever Kingo's not onscreen, all the other characters should be asking "Where's Kingo?"

  13. 4-LOM was always my favorite in Lego star wars. Bounty hunter, protocol droid, and astromech all in one

  14. Kinda wish she called him Kenobi instead of Obi-Wan, as villains often do, including his star-crossed lover Maul.

  15. If Rogue One and Fallen Order taught me anything, it's that Vader doesn't breathe unless he wants you to know he's here

  16. Could have sworn kumail nanjiani was going to be Quinlan Voss, but he looks like a scared padawan who survived order 66. Meaning he’s going to die to show that the inquisitors mean business!

  17. Must be unbelievably risky to use a lightsaber in that time. If you do, there can’t be any survivors. You can plausibly deny that you are a Jedi, or an important Jedi if you’re just using a blaster, but Jedi hunting was important Vader business, and you can’t let reports of someone carrying or using a lightsaber get out.

  18. Oh yeah, this is the good stuff. The Inquisitors lines make me think we are getting the true pissed-off, 99.9% dark side Vader who wants to rip Obi Wan in half.

  19. Yeah, as much as I’m not sure how they’re going to work it, I can’t imagine this series isn’t building to a confrontation between the two. I think there is still a gap between how we get from hateful, unstable Vader at the end of RoTS to the brooding, calm Vader in Rebels/ Rogue One/ ANH and beyond.

  20. Yeah and I actually have faith that this series will retroactively make the Episode 4 final showdown have so much more value and give so much satisfaction to the character of Obi Wan

  21. I guess he's been called Obi Wan again; I remember Ezra was written to call him Master Kenobi so that the Episode 4 "now that's a name I haven't heard in a very long time" would seem to be since Episode 3

  22. It looks like it has more movie connectivity than a series. Even The Mandolorian suffered from some inconsistent ups and downs across a season that having the same crew and sensibilities throughout might put it a little or a lot above.

  23. I hope/expect it’ll be a level above Mando. Less episodes, so more $ can be spent per episode, and this series is the closest we may ever get to another installment in the Skywalker Saga itself. It’s not just a spin off.

  24. As I thought, the Grand Inquisitor looks way better in motion. Still looks a bit beefy, but if you’re not thinking about his original design he looks like what a intimidating badass would look like in live action

  25. It's going to be rough getting to know the aunt and uncle, then immediately rewatching Episode 4 and seeing their corpses

  26. it looks amazing. at the bare minimum i hope they MENTION padme's name at least once in the series, it will be extremely disappointing if theres not a single reference to her

  27. that blaster use is shocking but not surprising, if that makes sense - he’s in exile, can’t be using ol’ blue for fear of compromising himself. I am excited to see what kind of reaction he has to being forced to resort to uncivilized means to an end. i wonder if it’ll be a full on dilemma, or just something he makes a little quip about. Either way, i’m sure that first time he picks one up will be a BIG deal.

  28. Oh man, I played back then and quit before they gave everyone a jedi slot. It was always a HUGE deal to see someone bust out a lightsaber.

  29. Love what they did with Vader’s saber at the end instead of the blue one from last teaser. Officially setting s-foils in hype position!!

  30. I thought it was pretty self evident that Yoda and Kenobi assumed Vader attached so much pain and suffering to tatooine since his mom died there and he was enslaved there as a child that he would never go back and therefore made the perfect hiding spot for Kenobi and Luke

  31. I don’t even care if it’s any good. Seeing Hayden and Ewan playing the roles I grew up watching brings tears to my eyes. May the 4th be with you all.

  32. We should want it to be good. Everyone just being OK with characters we know being on the screen together is what leads to very subpar stories like Book of Boba Fett

  33. “You can’t escape him” is such an incredible line. Especially what we know about the inquisitor program and how they were all tortured to become what they are

  34. Yeah, this looks great. Now we know where Obi-Wan got his insight knowledge when he said: 'He's more machine now than man; twisted and evil.'

  35. I like that they kept scenes of Obi Wan using his saber and Vader off the teasers/trailers. Would be one hell of an epic moment to finally see it on screen.

  36. I remember the day this show was announced. I kept thinking how long we’ll have to wait to see a trailer. After years it’s actually happening.

  37. Attractive character with no prosthetic makeup who is also evil? Yeah she will turn good or sacrifice herself to save Obi Wan.

  38. Exactly my thoughts. But if it was up to me I'd have her character waver a bit then fully commit to the dark side, and then in her climactic battle with Kenobi she is crippled like Anakin was, but instead of leaving her to die, Obi wan actually finishes her off for good, dancing on the light side/dark side line in order to not make the same mistake twice. Personally I'd think that would make a great character arc in service of the main character.

  39. Depending on how this goes, can we PLEASE get a live action series of Vader hunting down Jedi? I’ve wanted that series for so long. Like, make it a procedural (almost like a Law and Order) and each episode is Vader investigating and tracking Jedi remnants.

  40. This would be amazing. But not just Vader, the inquisitors. I want to see them doing all the ground work and Vader showing up to berate them for their incompetence and dealing with jedi himself.

  41. Just my own thoughts, but I think that this will be shown in this series. Akin to the side story episodes that we saw of Mando during Fett's series (which no one expected), we may just see Vader hunting down and successfully killing a few Jedi.

  42. Random Padawan who will end up finding Obi Wan probably and bring the heat on Tatooine. This will freak Owen out.

  43. This trailer hit all the emotions perfectly. And then it hit Obi-Wans emotions right where he didn't want them. I loved it.

  44. Obi 100% should spend time on Tatooine, It kind of makes sense for Mando to go there since it is/was Jabba's seat of power, Boba's backstory is a bit of a stretch but at least his purpose there (to be the galaxy's worst crime lord) isn't bad... but yeah that's a total of 3 live action series and all of them have spent significant time on what should otherwise be an unremarkable dustball.

  45. I thought Obi-Wan’s line appealing for Luke to be trained echoed back to Qui Gon arguing for Anakin to be trained. In both cases they’re initially shut down

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