Andor Trailer Music

  1. I totally agree. Like you said it was an eery feeling of impending disaster but at the same time made it seem like a blockbuster film. Very layered music.

  2. Someone pointed out it sounds like an alarm at the end and gets really tense. It also harkens back to the first trailer where that dude rings the alarm bells for the town. I like that the show is like a political thriller, and the stakes are high and sense of urgency is through the roof.

  3. I actually looked up who the composer was after watching the trailer yesterday because it was a vibe. I was expecting to see Ludwig tbh. It sets the tone for sure.

  4. I thought the music was AMAZING. I grew up on John Williams, so I'm NOT knocking his epic scores at all, but it's just time to finally make a clean break from classic space opera scores in Star Wars.

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