What is the best 14 heart event In your opinion?

  1. my personal opinion is that it’s Sam’s, but that is 100% because the ‘Sam’s acoustic noodling’ song that comes with it is one of my favorites in the entire game

  2. I also love Sam's, and ditto about the noodling song. I get a kick watching Vincent and Jas dance to the Happy Junimo song... adorbs!

  3. Sam's is one of the better ones! Personally I love Haley's because of the character arc she goes through! My favorite though is Leah's just because of the entire event, just making me giggle!

  4. Harvey. He reminds me of my own husband. one of our favorite things to do in the entire world is drink some wine and make angel hair (specifically, it’s my favorite shape of pasta). Paired with how loving and doting Harvey is, it’s my #1

  5. I just married Elliott for the first time and the letters were adorable. I had so many crab cakes waiting for him when he got home!

  6. I’m biased, but Harvey’s is my favorite. It’s such a sweet domestic moment, and it just perfectly captures why I love him so much.

  7. Honestly, you are the first person I've met who loves Harvey and thats amazing, all the stardew NPCs need love imo, including Krobi

  8. Emily!! She's the ONLY spouse that makes you something. She makes a whole outfit for you, hat and shoes included and it's so sweet. She's so underrated.

  9. I got the thing where she wanted the materials but divorced her after her 12th ugly chair she ordered.

  10. i love sebastian's because i like the addition to his spouse room. i used to want to have an animal rescue/sanctuary of my own so it's really nice as an event.

  11. Either Haley or Alex tbh. For Haley it realllyyy shows how far she's come and what development she's had as a person. For Alex, it adds something new to the town! It's like a mini-event every week when the game is on which I find really cool! (even if you have to pay for it lmao)

  12. Okay granted I’ve only seen Harvey’s (I marry him in every file), but I LOVE it. It’s such a cute little moment. He makes you pasta and terrible dad puns, plus he says marrying you is the best thing that ever happened to him. 😭❤️

  13. Sebastian's! What could beat a motorcycle ride through a starry night to a place that only he knows? It makes me feel like he's truly learned to love us, and makes me squeal with happiness when I think about that event!

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