I was today years old when I found out Elliot used to have his ears pierced

  1. Yesss; I saw this a bit ago and was so disappointed it was changed! Thankfully someone mentioned a mod that changes his appearance back to when he had his earring :)) been using it ever since (it also has seasonal outfits for everyone and changes other peoples' sprites/outfits).

  2. Tbh, I think if a different type of earring instead of a hoop was used it could've looked good. The hoop just doesn't fit him imo.

  3. usually I like whatever design CA settled on the most but with Elliot out of those mock-ups my least favorite is the one he settled on.

  4. I think the issue with me is that the portrait doesn't feel like his personality? The side view with the smirk gives off the vibe of "ive got daddys money and never had dirt under my nails" when in actuality this guy was roughing it in a shack and putting himself though hell to write a book and follow his dreams. He's a very soft character but the sprite doesn't show it

  5. Yeah I feel the same way. I love Elliot, but it's kind of weird to always see him turned sideways. Like he'll have different emotions...while staying sideways. I know most of the characters don't move in their portraits, but always being sideways is just a little strange. Seeing him angry, sad, or surprised while sideways almost makes me laugh. I use portrait mods that look better for Elliot

  6. The 2nd to last or 3rd to last look better to me but he does look older, maybe more mature in his final photo so I do like that. I just wish it wasn't a side profile.

  7. kinda love how the original sketches in line look like they are aging like the first one looks like a teenager and present day elliot actually looks like he would be able to run away to a cabin on the beach to write a novel know what I mean?

  8. in the olden days, guys were "allowed" to have ONE EARRING. And it was a sexuality badge. I forget what the nonsense was exactly regarding which side was which, but one side meant "straight" and the other side meant "gay".

  9. I dont know if the other piercing is covered up or if he actually has only one piercing either way it just added more flavor to the sprite, I grew up on that as well but recently my 13 year old cousin just got his ears pierced without a thought like that so it gives me hope we've grown past at least that stereotype

  10. I know a lot of people prefer his older portrait, but his new one.. Has a very special place in my heart. He's just so gorgeous to me. I do like pierced ears Elliott though, might go and add his piercings back

  11. Somebody ever thought about how he maybe just looks handsome from the side only? He might look still like a boy from the front and just have this strong side features

  12. Elliot is my favorite, but I think he wouldn’t be if he looked like his beta designs. There’s just something about his wavy hair and strong jaw that I just really love on him lol! He looks much younger in his beta designs as well.

  13. Yes! Same here! I don’t think I would like him as much! He’s my absolute favorite and the first time I saw him I was like game over he’s the one🤣

  14. Honestly I feel like we missed out on a lot with the design. He could have been like actually kinda hot but instead we get a dude with a Chad face

  15. That’s a good glow up. He looks a little too much like the bookish type in the first few and then straight up greasy in the middle.

  16. Bro why does he look better in the earlier portraits? If CA had kept one of those maybe I would actually see the appeal.

  17. go back. go back please. i know for a fact that people dont like him because of his sprite, PLEASE go back i miss earring elliot

  18. Wow it's like he had a personality swap, imo. The past ones are much less mature and make Elliott feel like a nice sweet young guy and the current one switch Elliott entirely to a somewhat hipster or hippie hot dude, the kind of fitness and lifestyle influencer on instagram.

  19. I would say it’s still pierced, they just aren’t wearing an earring. I had my left ear pierced twice in my very early 20’s, once with a piercing gun, and the second I did myself with a needle. Second hole is kinda still there, I can force something through it but it’s not easy and never fully heals open. First hole, since it was done by a piercing gun had the edges of the hole pinched together. That hole is never going to close.

  20. I don't understand the mindset at all to go full side profile and lose the earring. His ear is RIGHT THERE being all empty

  21. A mod I got for seasonal clothes brought the earring back 😩 and no more side view. He looks gorgeous.

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