I found even more photos of the watch, confirming size, charger, and battery

  1. It's a cost thing sadly. USB-C is just expensive to implement, and if this is part of the collector's edition they're probably not going to fill it with premium components.

  2. That’s a fucking big watch. Looks like over 22mm lug width and 50mm? Case. Probably going to be at least 15mm tall… looks like I won’t be wearing it. Looks cool as a collector’s item though.

  3. Nice finds! What sort of battery is that? Is it a common smart watch battery and can it be bought separately and swapped out?

  4. Looks cool. Hopefully it isn't overpriced. Or better yet I hope it's in the collecters edition if there is going to be one.

  5. The FCC ID is 2AFJA-LPV6, which can be used to find all these documents and maybe a little more, haven't really looked into it.

  6. I want this so badly that I'm absolutely mortified of scalpers trying to leap at all the collector's editions and this becoming a four-figure item. Thanks for the info OP.

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