Mid-Michigan Order Shipped! 📡🥳

  1. I'm just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the Thumb. Originally I had an order placed Jan of 2021, canceled it, then decided I wanted it again in Nov 2021 after our business changed a bit and we needed faster internet.

  2. Make sure there are no obstructions and take into account leafing trees in the spring. Let it run for at least a week to check that it is running stably (good obstruction map collected, updated of firmware, etc.). We have the Gen 1 version, but what I have heard about the new Dishy is that you have to carefully, but firmly seat BOTH ends of the cable to the dish. People have either not done that the first time or bend the plug (it's not an RJ-45 ethernet plug).

  3. Hello sir. Can you please explain what AT&T fixed wireless is and how to obtain it? My local AT&T act like they have no clue what that is and I have heard of several people having something like it in my area.

  4. East of Grayling 30 miles.... Ordered February 2021 and got it February 2022... long wait.... Works great not issues... Converting from dsl....Worth the wait.....

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