Shipping (FedEx/GLS) Megathread (September 05, 2022)

  1. Canada here. My "shipping soon" was just updated to this. This is ridiculous. Why bump up those from Q4 to Q3 then do this?

  2. Update! My second steamdeck unfortunately was also lost by fedex. It also managed to make it to the truck and somehow disappear from our plane of existence...again. The awesome support folks are sending me another one but its going to the fedex office instead of my address. I just got the new tracking number and already its looking bad...

  3. Here in canada purchased on August 31st finally arrived today on the 15th. Good luck fellow Canadians I'm off

  4. NL. Why did it take 6 days to say it shipped. Get GLS say they don't have it. And GLS says they should've had it by fucking Monday

  5. That's still nice enough. In Canada, we don't get a tracking number after 13 days even... I don't know when they will ship mine (Sept 1 paid, as of today: Shipping Soon)

  6. Just stuck on label created. Does FedEx only pick up on Saturdays or what? US 512 Ordered 9/5 Label created 9/10 A week and nothing much has changed.

  7. How accurate are your guys's shipping updates? Mine says arriving today by the end of the day but I'm in Ny and it just arrived in Ohio according to FedEx lol

  8. Canada, 64GB Mine paid on Sept 1 is still Shipping Soon™ (fix that for Valve), I think yours won't ship until at least Sept 19. Sad experience for us.

  9. Sad Canadian here with my Steam deck still on, "shipping soon." What adds salt to it is that people from across the sea who reserved it and paid for it on later date than I did, are receiving their SD's! I'm not hating on those who got it earlier, game on guys and gals but I just needed to let that out because I'm jelly.

  10. I am not happy with Valve. They are horrible at shipping. I ordered the 512GB on 09/05/2022. Valve told me that it takes only a couple of days to process the orders and ship them. I received a notification that my order shipped this last Saturday. I called FedEx, they have NOT received the product yet despite Valve saying it’s shipped. FedEx then says they expect the item to take 9 additional days when they receive it.

  11. To open, just know I'm not at all defending Valve/FedEx here. I'm waiting on my 9/5 order. FedEx says on the tracking website to expect delivery today, the text I got says tomorrow, calling says only the label has been created. I just want my steam deck.

  12. My order is literally moving away from me now, the closest point was 3.5 hours away and now it is 5.5 hours away at a fedex location.

  13. My package just went through sacramento, my area, to Stockton and now it updated pending to here tomorrow. Wtf man fuck fed ex. This is the worst experience I've ever had buying a product I gotta be honest. Buying from eBay sellers is easier.

  14. I feel sorry for you Americans. My experience with getting my Steam Deck was very convenient in the Netherlands as they ship from there and the country is not as large.

  15. For real. This level of service would be fine for buying air fryers from Bed Bath and Beyond. $600 computers should be shipped with a bit more gusto. But you’re right, even the most basic purchase on eBay comes with better shipping than this. I’ve heard Valve sells these at a loss so maybe they’re choosing the worst shipping possible to recoup some cost? Customers would be happy to pay for better service. FedEx must be about to go out of business or something.

  16. I purchased my steamdeck on the 31st in canada and after about 12 days I finally got my shipping email super excited getting hear on Tuesday.

  17. Really seems like FedEx is struggling to get Decks to their final doorsteps for SoCal orders. Ive been reading the comments on the Rialto fiasco, and I already had my first deck get stolen/lost/whatever by them back in August. Valve had the replacement shipped to me (in Orange County CA) on 9/4 but Im still waiting. Tracking has had it sitting in Kingman AZ for 3 days now. Any other Southwest peoples getting these month+ waits after their initial “shipped” email?

  18. This was the same for me until right now! Surprise! Fed ex picked up your package 12:00pm but it didn’t get updated until it hit the fed ex facility a few minutes ago. Maybe the same for you???

  19. US 512. Deposit March 12th, ordered Sept 8th, moved to "Preparing to ship" this morning and then got a tracking number early this afternoon. FedEx estimates it'll be delivered on Tuesday (the 13th). I live in the midwest only a few hours drive from Carol Stream, IL.

  20. Same here. I thought for sure the deck was a goner. Turns out FedEx just sucks on purpose. Good luck with deliveries tomorrow gang!

  21. FedEx, says it'll arrive by tonight but it's chicago FedEx so it might be tomorrow? I'm worried because I live adjacent a bad part of town and hope the workers don't steal it

  22. Yep. US 512 stuck in label created for 1 whole day. It says an expected delivery date of sept 15th. Maybe the status will change tomorrow morning.

  23. I got my email today to when I clicked at first it showed no record after an hour all the info is their go check it now you should have an estimated delivery date

  24. Rialto, CA friends….. Anyone else’s tracking look like mine?? Its scheduled to deliver 9/12 but with all the recent comments I am a bit doubtful 😔

  25. Mine actually made it out. It was in Rialto since the 7th, it went a few miles south to Bloomington yesterday, left that facility the sams day, made it north to central CA, and it's out for delivery today. If I don't actually get it, I'll come back and update.

  26. That’s how my mine looks. I have no faith that they will deliver tomorrow. Tomorrow is just the last date that can deliver before saying they lost the packages. I don’t understand apologists for bad service these days. Imagine a McDonalds that was closed for four days because they were out of burgers. Do you think that’s possible? No, some other McDonalds would pitch in and help. To think that FedEx would just let packages pile up means that FedEx is about to break. We’re not even into the Christmas season. According to the news FedEx is fighting with their contractors. Maybe that fight is happening at Rialto now. Either way making excuses for FedEx and Valve for poor service is just pathetic.

  27. A lot of steam decks is stuck there, along with mine as well. FEdex will deliver tomorrow 9/12 according to the person I talked too.

  28. Can anyone else not load the FedEx tracking despite having a tracking number? I got mine yesterday morning and initially though it just hadn't been updated yet since I just got the email, but now it's the next day and the tracking still gives an error

  29. I just got my tracking number, though FedEx says it doesn't exist (using the direct link from the steam app). They may only start shipping Monday considering that Sunday may be outside business hours.

  30. U.S. 512 - Tracking email received just now. Number is not in FedEx's system. The email says "preparing your items to ship", not "We've shipped your items" which makes sense.

  31. US - PA - 512 here. Paid 9/8 just got my shipping email, tracking number not in FedEx’s system yet, but if they are shipping from IL hopefully have it Tuesday or Wednesday!

  32. my tracking got updated at 1:05AM today, saying it is still in rialto. Just that the delivery shows pending and fedex told me it will be delivered tomorrow instead.

  33. It will be delivered by Evri (have faith eh), but on the Evri app, you can select a Parcelshop for your parcel to be delivered to instead. So when you come back from holiday, just pick it up from there.

  34. Evri says my parcel (ordered on 1/09) has been delayed - apparently the update was at 8:50 but its only just telling me hours later. Terrible, terrible company. I’ve given up hope that I’m ever going to see it tbh, highly likely its been lost or stolen.

  35. Just had an update from them today, I ordered 27/08, Evri confirmed that it has been "lost", steam are sending another.

  36. US 256 GB ordered Sept 1st, shipping to Quebec. I just got my tracking number at 11:30AM EST. Though FedEx's website says it doesn't exist yet.

  37. Not yet. I have to assume we'll get em today or tomorrow as I've seen some August 31sts go through already

  38. Ayyyy, finally a good update for the California gang stuck in Kansas city for 4 days. Mine just updated to Sacramento! Finally in my state. Looking like Monday the 12th is definitely the delivery date!

  39. Just got an update that the package left Chicago at 12:38 EDT today and is currently in-transit. Delivery date went back to 9/14. Kind of disappointed that no progress was made over the weekend but not to much of a problem so long as it arrives on time.

  40. For some reason, I am supposed to received my Steam Deck yesterday but it got delayed to today. Later it got changed to Pending and I got a recent update that it went from California to Encino, New Mexico. This is ridiculous on FedEx and Steam’s end. I am from Los Angeles. Originally it was at Bloomingdale on Friday then it went to an obscured city called Amboy, CA. Now it’s in another state. This is fucking ridiculous

  41. Don't always believe the tracking. Until it's out for delivery fedex tracking is ridiculous. Just because it said it went to new mexico doesn't actually mean it did. Ive had packages that said they were in Texas the day the item was delivered in Tennessee.

  42. Don't blame vlave. All they do is manufacture. Yes I know they chose fedex. But they made a contract that trusted and failed. Fedex made mine disappear twice already. I get it. After 8 days of the shipping being printer, get in contact with steam and they will rectify the situation. Let us know what station for sure snd as a community we shall call

  43. Do they only ship on Saturdays? Or will more go out Monday? Seriously bummed people that ordered after me got theirs shipped and I'm still in "processing"

  44. Little update for the Rialto folks. Just got scheduled delivery date “pending” which changed from arriving today. Good luck

  45. My order date went from today to pending and now for some reason my package is at Encino, NM. I’m from Los angeles for those wondering

  46. Fellas. I hate to say this. But this happened to both of mine when they went "missing." What is awesome though is that valve will keep sending them to you until you get it in your hands. (Personal experience. As my third is getting sent)

  47. 64 gb PA. Paid on 9/5. Shipped 9/10. Arriving 9/12. I'm trying to have it held at a Walgreens so I don't have to deal with FedEx stealing my deck we're delivering it to the wrong house, but the app is giving me trouble.

  48. Surprised a lot of people ordered on 9/8 got tracking already. I ordered 9/8 and it’s still on “processing.” US 512

  49. Valve won't ship till they have your money so if you paid with a credit card or your bank is just slow it won't come off of processing till valve knows they are getting paid.

  50. I paid on Sept 8 and am on "Shipping Soon". I presume that they stop processing orders in the 5pm to 6pm CDT timeframe, so I don't anticipate getting a shipment notification until next week.

  51. Yea, I wonder if there's some cutoff for today. I'm also US 512 and still in "processing". Do they ship based on the original deposit time or the purchase time?

  52. 512 Ohio. Paid 9/5 shipped 9/10 FedEx originally said 9/13 and now says tomorrow 9/11 (currently in Chicago)

  53. Pretty much the same for me, and they never shipped it out today. Feel like the 9/13 date is more reasonable.

  54. Well it seems after a week and a half of random Evri tracking updates steam has finally admitted that my steam deck has been "lost" in transit. Hopefully the replacement gets sent out quickly and that Evri doesn't get their sticky fingers on it.

  55. US 512 Ordered 9/8 Expected delivery date is 9/16 I've seen a lot of people saying Rialto is backed up hopefully that gets cleared up so mine and everyone elses doesn't get delayed!

  56. Hey anyone who's deck is stuck in Rialto have you been able to a response from an actual person from FedEx I've tried with no such luck

  57. Nope, I thought I heard that things go missing there a few months back. Anyone remember if that was a thing or could be happening again or is it just backlogged?

  58. I spoke to fedex and my package is still in the warehouse with a scheduled date of 9/12 instead. It shows pending but check the standard transit and that's the actual date of delivery.

  59. Glad to know I'm not the only person in this situation. My package updated to "Pending delivery date. No delivery date available"

  60. I got the same response too. Several days ago. It's been shipping soon status since Sept 1. I just sent them another inquiry yesterday about it. I haven't heard back from them yet. I ordered the 512gb model. Starting to little frustrating when see others receive their decks. Perhaps it's only a Canadian thing.

  61. Same boiler plate response and no it definitely hasn't shipped in fact if u ask again someone else might say that your package hasn't even been allocated. The truth is they have little control over what going on and us candians are getting screwed over. I ordered on the 31st still hasn't shipped. Worse part is having the sheer excitement of your reservation opening after a year only for it to die down because of the bullshit shipping process best thing to do is to just wait it out

  62. That's super good to hear was starting to think I was the only one that left Rialto!! I still feel like I might receive an empty box it seems suspicious

  63. Holy shit a deck actually left Rialto? How long was your deck there? Mine has been there since Wednesday and still no movement

  64. UK 512gb. Was very worried reading the horror stories about evri not delivering, but mine showed up as expected.

  65. Hey! I was able to pay for my 256GB yesterday and for now it's processing. Now the real waiting game begins... What city are you in UK? And how is living with Deck so far? ;)

  66. Got my tracking number. Coming out Illinois to Northwest Ohio, estimated for Tuesday, my experience with FedEx is that I'll probably get it Monday. We'll see!

  67. Hey, same order date and (general) location! I've also gotten an ETA of 9/13. Does it say yours has been received by FedEx yet? I'm also expecting Sun/Mon.

  68. Anyone in socal have their Deck stuck in Rialto for the last two days? I live about an hour away from Rialto and it's already passed the time FedEx usually delivers things to my residence. Delivery was expected to be by the end of today, but tracking doesn't show it's "Out for delivery". I'm guessing I won't see mine until either tomorrow or Monday?

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