Order Email Megathread (September 08, 2022)

  1. I reserved a 64 gb on may 30th got my order email and paid on the 12th of September and received a tracking number on the 14th and its estimated to arrive on the 16th (also in Canada)

  2. Yep Canadian in Ontario here. Ordered 512GB in March 2022. Got the email on Sept 8th and paid same day. And still stuck on shipping soon. Was really hopeful to play it this week lol. Not looking like it'll get here this week.

  3. I got my email on September 8, paid on Saturday September 10th, and mine still says "Shipping Soon" - it's driving me crazy! Seems like a lot of you guys are already getting yours, wish I had seen the email right away and paid on the 8th! I'll just wait here and sulk until it says "shipped" lol.

  4. I pre-ordered my 64GB unit on 04/02/22. I got my email and paid for mine a day or so later on September 7. Finally got tracking number on the 10th but there hasn't been any movement. Just stuck at "Label Created" WTH?

  5. It’s 730pm. Package has been in transit at Elmore, OH as of 1pm according to the tracker. Delivery date hasn’t changed from today yet. Anyone get theirs delivered late in the day/evening?

  6. You should get the email. I was 96% last Wednesday. Today I got my email and was at 108%. So I got a 12% pump in that time. Definitely keep an eye out

  7. It says I should get my email today, but I haven't gotten it yet! *refreshes email like a mad woman* Reserved April 11th 256gb

  8. Just received my email Standing at 102% with today's update. Reserved on the 30th of May 2022.

  9. i never have dreams but i just woke from a nightmare wbere i was watching a package delivered, opened it and it was empty. i got the steam deck back and called 911 on the thief

  10. Already had and sold the 256gb because of fan whine, re-ordered the 64gb, hoping todays the day (and there will be no fan whine this time)

  11. I'm hoping for you also. How long did it take you to go from 96% btw. It's telling me 10 days from last Wednesday, so I'm hoping that this week will be when i get the email

  12. If the course sticks to what it was last week for US 512, I'm gonna say Possibly Thurs for you. I hope it's sooner as my reserve was placed in May and I want April orders to go QUICK! =P

  13. I'm UK 512 on 85% last Thursday. The 64 seems more prioritised overall than the 512 so I'd say there's a good chance today but if not, almost definitely Thursday.

  14. Usually starts after 1pm Eastern (US), and ends later in the afternoon. So, we have to be patient a little bit longer. Hoping for big jumps up so that I can get closer. Sitting at 83.37%

  15. While I doubt that would happen my guess is they should pick up in percentage increases even more this week since we are through the review period preorders

  16. Hey guys, very hype considering today could be my day. I ordered a US 64gb and its sitting at 89% with only 33 days left. I was curious though does anyone know how many days of orders are usually done in a batch?

  17. Last time 64GB US went through nearly 30 days I believe but I’m hoping for 11 percent jump too because we are deck twins

  18. Valve Q3 estimates for EU64 end somewhere between April 30 and May 1st. Atm we are 10-11 queue days away with 6 email batches left (or 1,5 days per batch :( ). Valve said they increased email volumes once again, but so far estimates haven't changed :( I hope for faster queue today, but at the same I'm prepared to be disappointed

  19. I’ve only been paying attention to US 512 stats. We just got to mid March on Thursday. The release/review embargo slowdown is real. At what point did other models start picking up again after the slowdown? It looks like 256 is about 3 weeks ahead. Are the 512s past the hump? Might we get a bigger jump in preorder days this week?

  20. Email batches are sent out every Monday and Thursday at 5.30pm UK time, that’s also when your estimate will start updating as people report that they’ve received an email

  21. Batches come out on monday and thursday thats why we are hoping for today and this didnt get updated since thursday

  22. You put your order in one day before me! So that means if you get yours, then I'll hopefully be getting mine the same day (fingers crossed)

  23. They come from IL,for me the longest wait so far was on Valve’s part. In 3 days,it went from label created to “out for delivery”,I live right next to the warehouse so hopefully I get it today.

  24. I just made a UK reservation so I’m gonna be lucky to get it by January right? Really regret not making a reservation earlier lol

  25. Same for me - when I ordered I was hoping to get it for Xmas. And now I can't stop myself from checking over and over...

  26. I’m a UK 256Gb at 96.27% hoping today is my day, I didn’t know this Reddit existed until the weekend! This might be a silly question but I couldn’t see it in the first post, do the emails tend to come in the evening UK time please?

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