Explore an entire tropical island in Kayak VR: Mirage

  1. Plz add fishing. Anyway to add some basic fishing mechanics, so there is something to do besides just rowing and looking around?

  2. What about performance? I have the demo downloaded but I won't be able to touch my PC for a couple of weeks at least.

  3. This is just beyond words. Major kudos to the dev team! Even though I likely won't have time to properly play it, I'll definitely be getting this at launch.

  4. Thank you for the encouragement, Our hope is that the game is also suitable to just quickly chill out for a bit without needing too much time commitment :)

  5. We're looking into this and gathering feedback from people on how they would want to see this actually implemented as we were a little lost on how to do this at first. Could you describe how you'd like to see it work?

  6. I still see a button for it, it's a bit small but I can make a screenshot of it if you can't find it. The demo was actually supposed to dissapear after Steam Next Fest but I believe it's still up.

  7. Are any of the people working on this coming from the old Grand Canyon VR experience? I noticed some similarities in style to the AU Canyon included in the demo. This is miles ahead in polish though and I'm really looking forward to the full release!

  8. I am really not interested in the fast paced competitive part so I wonder if it’s also good (content wise) for just chilling paddling?

  9. Wonder if my 2060 will be able to handle it 🥺🥺 been looking for this game but couldn't test the demo

  10. Does this game require a stick to attach motion controllers to? Or can you just jump in with standard set-up?

  11. I just played the demo and it's beautiful, although I also found it quite easy to induce motion sickness when pushing off from a rock (oh, speaking of that, can you add haptic feedback when the paddle touches the rock ?)

  12. Will it be a good experience with just a headset? I lost my controllers but headset is perfectly good. Also does it have regional pricing? Will buy day 1 if that is the case.

  13. We do have regional pricing but I'm afraid we don't have anything in the game that would allow you to play it without controllers. We're thinking about implementing a chill mode where you're moved automatically as an accessibility feature but you'd still have to get through the menu's etc.

  14. i know it’s not the focus of the game and it looks amazing as hell but is there a chance of multiplayer way down the line? it would be great to chill out here with a friend for a couple of hours

  15. This one is really big on our list of priorities but we couldn't make it in for launch. Definitely something we're looking in to post-launch!

  16. This looks amazing! I realize this is the steamvr sub, but do you have any future plans of bringing it to other platforms? Hard to imagine it running well on a Quest 2, but the (hopefully coming soon?) PSVR2 might be a great platform for it.

  17. We'd love to see the game on PSVR2, the HDR screen and other things seem like an amazing fit but for now we're focused on the PCVR version :)

  18. I have a sim racing rig that sits low on the floor with an adjustable seat that lets me stretch my legs out and be positioned very similarly to being in an actual kayak (based on my very limited real-world kayaking experience). It's going to be sooo immersive playing this in that setup! Really looking forward to it.

  19. This is a great game with many things that can be improved, I have tested the demo with a few friends and this can be an incredible game to give to people who check out VR for the first time.

  20. Thank you for the feedback, when did you play the demo with your friends? We've made some improvements to the performance in the last week or two by implementing FidelityFX, which should help out a lot. Besides that make sure dynamic shadows are off, they only marginally help the visuals and can take a bit more performance than they're worth imo. Would love to hear how it runs with this latest update and any other feedback you might have. I have to say a 1050TI is a 6 year old budget option though so you wouldn't be able to play this game without some compromises when it comes to settings, scaling down the pixel density as well as texture quality can also be a big help.

  21. Looks amazing and life-like, absolutely insane. Thing is, I feel like it’d not offer a lot of playtime due to there not being any unique gameplay so I wouldn’t pay more than $15.

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