I don't know if I'll ever be able to quit

  1. In the same boat as you bro. My life is actually very good, great relationship, job etc but I can’t actually enjoy my hobbies sober anymore. Things I used to love doing like playing guitar, video games, etc I can only enjoy them when I’m on my medication. Sucks but it makes them a lot more enjoyable.

  2. Same. I’m young a guy with a lot of psychological issues. I think the biggest problem for me is exactly what u just said. But since like 4 years now. I feel like this drug is making me even more numb to my emotions. I can’t see what’s to great about life anymore until I take a hit of weed. Makes me regret all of it and I realize life is beautiful and I have to quit

  3. Dam thats to bad to here for me personally ive never taken iy daily as prescribed. I only use it to study for.my schooling i usually take 2 week to 1 months breaks with no issues.But i can see how it would be easy to abuse. Idk hang in there hopefully you can take a break and one day enjoy it again good luck

  4. My friend, if you are as serious as you sound, I recommend you look into finding a medicine man, medical clinic, or shaman to watch over you after they administer you some IBOGAINE! It forcibly resets every receptor in your nervous system. All those abused neurotransmitters will be reset and back online. It’s hell to go through but shit, so was breaking my arm snowboarding and you better believe it didn’t stop me from snowboarding.

  5. Mindfulness meditation. Start now. The thoughts will never stop as long as their is resistance but you can learn how to be above them which eventually will dissolve them.

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