I’m 16, how tf do I make this money back 😂

  1. OP should contact the brokerage. Tell them the purchases were void since as a minor the contracts cannot be legally enforced.

  2. Idk about actually opening an account, but my parents bought me and my two brothers shares from different companies when we were all very young.

  3. At sixteen I remember being so proud of my $600 Ford Taurus beater I bought myself with daycare assistant money. I would watch YouTube videos and fix it myself. When I see stuff like this idk whether to feel angry or jealous or both.

  4. Literally my thoughts … when I was 16 I was working at Chuck E Cheese for 8$ an hour … happy af w my 200$ paychecks … this kid will be alright

  5. Invest in yourself. Finish school. Get a part time job or side hustle. In the grand scheme of things, this is nothing. You do the next 6 years right, you'll make what you lost back every fortnight. And more.

  6. I love how people breeze over stuff like “get a side hustle”, as if its as easy to get like grabbing lunch or something.

  7. Honestly as far as school goes, college is pretty scammy compared to trade school. Youll make a recession-proof six figures easy in almost every trade, for half as much schooling and for cheaper.

  8. Call up your bank and dispute the original deposit/ charge then claim someone stole your ID,to robinhood, and they opened that account

  9. If you’re 16 and living with your parents, you could take a break from investing in bear markets, and pick up a 2015 MacBook or something and work your way through some Python or JS tutorials to see if that suits you. This would be the time to do it.

  10. I had summer jobs in highschool. Worked graveyard in a factory when I was 16. Felt rich as fuck with 6k at the end of the summer.

  11. Literally made 100% of it by working out ideas for things I could make and sell on Etsy. Plus my Egyptian immigrant dad would whoop my ass if he knew I lost 6k. 💀😂

  12. The best preforming portfolios are the ones no one touches. Widows with dead husbands who are left stock usually do great cause they don’t touch them.

  13. My guy, this is some actual advice, put that money into a roth ira. Get a job, and don't fuck around too hard with options yet.

  14. Started a Etsy shop last summer that made me around 1k a month but I don’t have time to do it anymore. “It involved painting 3d printed props from movies”

  15. Take the time you spend on this app and use that for school. It will pay for itself way more than a couple grand. Which is chump change in the grand scheme of things. As others said, do the next 6 years right, and you’ll make that back with one signing bonus.

  16. Focus on earning money via your jobs, buy 1 share of VOO a month, it’s really this simple. Don’t try and be a bad ass, take the true path and invest vs gamble.

  17. The normal WSB response would be, keep buying the dip with the money you don't have. Just borrow some more money, sell a kidney, sell the house/car, use the grandparents savings to buy the dip.

  18. Put your money in good companies bit by bit while everything is going down. Keep averaging down while everyone is panicking. Take $100 and average that into each of the S&P sectors while everything is going down. Then, when normal cyclical action is restored, put money where Wall Street is selling and rotate money out of the sectors where they are buying. It takes time, but eventually that dip will look very small compared to your all-time returns.

  19. Meh that's what a few months wages on an average salary. You're 16. Just go "oops" bag hold it to see what happens and move on.

  20. If RobinHood let you open an account under 18....maybe a lawsuit against them for letting minors trade stocks on their platform....which I'm sure is illegal and is another failure by their company. You'll make millions.

  21. Go buy a lawnmower and weedeater with a gas can a spool of weedeater string and go cut people's grass. Make them pay in cash and put it in ammo boxes and bury it in my backyard for safekeeping.

  22. Might bounce back. Don't gamble anymore. Work a lot, save, and invest in broad based index funds. The new money over the next decade will more than make up for any that is still lost.

  23. Don't put all your savings directly in the stockmarket. You are young, wait a few months to see where this shitshow goes, then jump back in. Not all at once, here and there as you don't know how long it may drop. Put some money in index funds so if you have bad days with your individual picks, that money will seem stable. Sell when you think you're a stock genius, buy when you have lost hope.

  24. Tbh. If you were investing in long term stonks, just hold. DCA and don’t stress it. You are only 16, I’m already down 10k Year over Year and I’m still up 90% YoY. Create a strategy, mine is 60% dedicated ETF stocks (like VOO), 30% dividends (DFS, JEPQ, MAIN,etc), and for shits and giggles 10% yolo plays (wallstreetbet plays, short squeeze plays, Tesla, crypto, etc). Also tax write off up to 3k per year so, February is going to look nice for me lol

  25. You've got the rest of your life to make that money back, and you will in multiples. Take it as a $6,000 education expense.

  26. I’m just gonna wait and watch it burn. Then rise from the ashes in a mighty blast on the next bull run in a couple of years

  27. Keep grinding Focus on learning a skill. Invest only with extra money that can be lost. It’ll come back over time but buy companies you want to own not ones that you think can make you rich wuick

  28. Boomer stocks. Think about what people need to survive and what business will survive where we are headed, which is a slow down. Food and shelter. Walmart is doing good and Kraft, just some examples of the growers over the last few months. This will pass and your money will grow again, but it will be a moment before we’re flying high again.

  29. Get an adult to call the broker and yell at them for selling financial products to children. Might get it all back!

  30. The heck you investing in at 16 fam? You should be slowly accumulating blue chip dividend stocks. At your age you can get some serious return down the road.

  31. You're in too deep to sell man. Find where you'd be okay cutting ties, whether it's a break even price or a specific loss that not %80+ loss om your position. Now your only step is to just hold it. No HODL or WSB talk. Literally just hold it and hope for the best. You may be holding it for years but that's your only choice unless you just sell.

  32. Do what you want to do, sink your teeth into it, it's thinking about an optional side project, it's like a springboard on your way forward, make your own plans and make yourself feel more accomplished.

  33. The good news is that you only have 1000 left to lose. The other good news is that, provided you don't leverage yourself or trade options, you can only ever face losses of 100%, but your gains can be much higher.

  34. Buy VTI or VTSAX and hold. Don't look at your account unless you are buying more VTI or VTSAX. In 20 years you will be rich.

  35. Don't worry; it's a recession. It will pass. Hold if you can and find safer alternatives. Probably find a job in the meanwhile to while you're at it.

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