The Loss Porn will be so good though

  1. We've been through world wars, cold wars, nuclear alert, real estate market destroyed, the great depression and worldwide pandemic and the market has never been higher with the exception of now since Thanksgiving last year.

  2. So your conclusion is that the combined value of public companies by industry weighted-average will be the same in 202X as it was in 2005? I'll take a hit of whatever you're smoking.

  3. I'm deep in UVXY, but even I don't think the Great Recession was a bear trap. Lmfao. OP should be shit posting this in WSB. Lol.

  4. I won’t be worried until a chart with Vix divided by 10 year treasury yield reveals a horny squid pattern. If I see that squid, I’m sacrificing a rubber chicken and cashing out of my swear jar.

  5. This would put the P/E ratios around 2-4 at the bottom of his chart. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that since that is lower than even the worst part of the great depression, when the entire globe wasn't dependent on the US equity markets, that this won't happen.

  6. Everyone was bullish on Reddit and the market crashed, now that the market crashed and countless stocks have shed 90% all of reddit is bearish. Investment advice on this app should come with an automatic satire flair.

  7. that chart shows a massivr bubble the s&p might be in a small bubble but defenatly not that much overfalued

  8. I went all cash but this bit over the top 2008 was one of the largest market sell-offs in history. Also US economy as whole is like 2x what it was 2007 .

  9. Extremely exagerated,i am agree with a notable decline in case of recession,but some risks have been priced already.3200 - 3000 would be worst scenario.

  10. Wow. The cope is real in the comment section. I'll post my gain porn when this house of cards come crashing down, because I AM shorting it.

  11. I hope people understand this is a joke. The people who literally believe it HAS to play out like this because it's some sort of factual pattern probably have hardly any investing experience and spend way too much time looking at memes

  12. Mmm I don’t remember ever hearing about this “stock market” thing prior to 2015. It’s relatively new I think.

  13. Somehow this is more retarded than most things I see on Wall Street bets and that’s really saying something.

  14. For what it’s worth.. I am sitting on 60% cash… don’t know what to believe atm.. but don’t see an overall bull run atm and willing to give it time to move more…

  15. Lmao of course we’re going to lose decades of growth because…inflation? So the value of the dollar is dropping which will cause the value of companies to drop even faster?

  16. Ooo! Short the SPY! Short the SPY! Since you got conviction short the SPY and reap these inevitable profits you speak of OP😁

  17. I love it. Some of the best and most accurate information on the stock and investing subs gets downvoted. The only problem with the above chart is it's a normal bubble. This is not a normal bubble. The return is going to be a much longer extension. Some stocks will be set back 20-25 years, just like the 1929 crash. (Go study it in more detail, not the lead up, but the aftermath).

  18. The fint thing is thar if you zoom into2005-2009 you have the same patteren just that its followed by Extreme Bull markedet

  19. Have you sold your entire portfolio? Have you shorted the market? Show me what you're doing since you clearly know what's going to happen

  20. You know a recession is coming because so many still don’t think it will despite the headwinds. Saw a CNBC poll where it was split 51%/49% when asking whether there will be a recession.

  21. If this picture means anything at all, the bear trap point would be covid bounce, in which case we’re probably only a third of the way there.

  22. I’m not here to make any predictions, but one thing that has always held true is “don’t fight the fed”. This works in both directions.

  23. This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen, a housing market crash and a full blown recession that took years to recover from wasn’t just a “bear trap”

  24. I hope you realize Apple alone is making more money today than the entire Nasdaq 100 back when Spx was at 1000, yet somehow we're going to go back there because of your silly chart?

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