Don’t like the turn the show has taken.

  1. Well it is stranger things…maybe finish this season and you can see how Vecna and the Mind Flayer are connected

  2. This is a television series. I don’t know how you expect such a big show to carry the same tone and contained storylines from the first two season, that’s damn boring

  3. I don’t think you are understanding, there is no demons or hell, people town think theres is satanic cults but the real thing happening is the same as other seasons

  4. You need to get used to that, the big picture keeps getting clearer but there's always questions left, and lots of theories about it.

  5. The devil is “involved” because at the time people linked the game to satanism so they’re putting that into the show which makes sense

  6. If that can be a reassurance at all, know that the Duffer Brothers (creators of the show) have had it "all" planned out since the beginning. There were always supposed to be 4 or 5 seasons of this specific plot involving El and co.

  7. They only changed it from season one being a standalone to a multiple season arc when they found out how well this series and cast was received. Originally it was going to be an anthology series. So that's probably why there's so much retconning going on re the UpsideDown. They even admitted to 'Georgelucasing' earlier seasons:

  8. It continues to borrow from 80s horror. From Beyond seems to be a big source for the new way the UD is now being understood. In it, a scientist and his assistant create a machine to view into another dimension, but when it is turned on, creatures from the other dimension interact with our world, causing harm. The chief scientist apparently gets sucked into the other dimension, and the world thinks he was murdered by his assistant. His assistant claims otherwise, and gets a police officer and a psychologist to check out his claims, whereupon, when the machine is turned on, they see into the other dimension, find their own senses and desires heightened, and then find themselves face to face with a transformed version of the original scientist, who is seemingly in control of powers from the other dimension and yet seemingly controlled by it as well. The machine causes people to slowly develop a "third eye" as it were, and the scientist tries to have his assistant join with him, but the assistant gets powers and uses them to fight off the scientist. See what is going on here?

  9. It’s still very much that. Vecna may have been using it as he wanted but I’m pretty sure what comes next will be too much for him to control

  10. I'm hoping that we find out the MF actually has more of a hold on Vecna than he thinks, and that all his monologuing and painting himself out to be the big bad is just arrogance. I much preferred the idea of some eldritch horror with no real motivation being the antagonist of the show.

  11. I haven’t finished the new season either but I feel similarly. I don’t like how the villain is shaping up to be just a human dude with Upside Down powers? The show was so much more intriguing when the villain was an amoral eldritch monster

  12. Agree. I watched the trailer for season 4 and I was like “who’s this dude? Why is he talking? Is he a demon or something?”. Like the fact that the bad guy this season was speaking made it a big more creepier but it took away from the sci-fi aspect of it if that makes sense. It was scarier and more interesting when the bad guy was a monster from another dimension like you said.

  13. I have finished it and still feel the same. It went from Lovecraftian to Marvel and that really took something away from the unique and mysterious atmosphere of the show. Young EL even landing in a superhero pose at a certain moment. And bloody hell, can our boy Vecna monologue! Just shut up dude and get on with it!

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