Everybody is talking about Eddies death, but not how heartbreaking this scene was

  1. I thought it was funny because the old guy was like “ohhh no im dying but im proud of you please be sad.” And Jane was like “ha no fuck you boy.”

  2. Same. Honestly laughed when his mean ass died. But I was heartbroken for Jane, because you know how conflicting that must’ve been for her.

  3. Yeah its a weird take to me, I think they really romanticize Brenner, like yes he is essentially Eleven's father but more accurately he's a scientist and she's his experiment. Just because she is emotionally invested in him doesn't mean we should be. I think a lot of it comes from Millie and Matthew having a strong relationship from working together from such a young age for her.

  4. Throwing some spice on it is he’s based on one of the worst real life villains in history. When you look up the MK Ultra experiments is right up there with some of the worst human experimentations of WW2 (and in fact was seen as a continuation of some of it). Which made it sorta icky how the show tried to redeem him as an acknowledged member of it. But I’m glad in the end he died without forgiveness. Fuck him

  5. Same. I was happy he died. It was pretty satisfying to see this monster taken down. No idea why anyone would find it heart breaking?

  6. Yes!!! lol. I was like "Now is he dead dead... or will he magically reappear when nobody wants him to." lol.

  7. More like Snape for me. "Yes I abused you for years, but I actually am a good guy!" Like nah Snape, you can be a good guy and still be a piece of trash and I'm not going to be sad when you die.

  8. For me personally it was sad. But for El not for him. She's been through SO much and the relationship and emotions are so complex when it comes to an abusive relationship ending.

  9. I didn't find it heartbreaking. I found it empowering for El, and was delighted that she was able to acknowledge who the real monster was and not show her abuser the forgiveness he never deserved.

  10. For me, it wasn't a lack of forgiveness but just him facing the truth of his crimes, either dead or imprisoned. Someone can forgive a murderer without letting him walk free. I can see El forgiving him but still leaving him to succumb to his injuries.

  11. The only heartbreaking thing about his death was that it wasn't brutal enough. He deserved to be ripped apart and eaten alive.

  12. I don't agree. He cared for her as a person too not just a subject. Why did he give punishment to her bullies if she was just a lab rat? Why did he try to keep her from fighting Vecna because she wasn't ready? Why did he tell her he loved her when he was about to die? In fact, he did his best to protect her when she was in mortal danger.

  13. I’m gonna say yeah, there’s no reason for them to bring him back for S5, and even if there was, he was shot in the arm and THROUGH HIS BODY… there’s no way he got help before he bled out. Also I’m pretty sure the Duffers are aware that the “Bringing people back from the dead” thing is getting a little old.

  14. I was literally cheering lol. I couldn't wait for him to die. I did cry a little when the scene ended, but just because the scene was emotional and I was thinking about what it meant for El and her character growth, not because I was sad.

  15. It's so weird to me that anybody would find this sad. I did feel like the show itself wanted me to feel for Brenner, that it toyed with "he cares about El, maybe...?" before wrenching it with "haha just because she's powerful though", before cycling between that push and pull several times. At a certain point the back and forth becomes ineffective, and the show crossed that line in season 1, only to remind us it was crossed again in 4 several times.

  16. Having been "raised" by a selfish, narcissist, "the ends justify the means" type parent I can say I absolutely loved watching this asshole die and I hit the back button quite a few times.

  17. He really is a classic narcissist parent! He plays favorites and “loves them” but only as an extension of himself. He doesn’t see them as individuals but as his accomplishments, his property, as things he can control.

  18. You meant empowering, right? Since El didn't give her serial abuser satisfaction in his dying breaths? Because fuck yeah

  19. It was heartbreaking to see El have to process the full extent of the pain and suffering he has inflicted on her and others after a lifetime of being abused, used, and manipulated by him. His death itself was a cause for celebration.

  20. This guy is literally the villain of the whole show. Without him, there would be no "One" and hence, no eleven... which means no opening to Upside Down lol.

  21. Didn't One have powers before he met him? He tried to temper One's powers. He used cruel methods to make scientific breakthroughs and to train his "children". But he cared for them in his own twisted way. He was very upset when Eleven got bullied.

  22. Wow. I’m just looking through Reddit and came across this. Thank you so much. I hadn’t seen the last episode yet. I had no idea Eddie died. Well, now I do. Dang it.

  23. Not heartbreaking but a really powerful scene.It was sad in a way though. I wonder where they'll take the Max/Billy El/Brenner parallel next season.

  24. I enjoyed how it made Brenner a more complex character but I didn't find it heartbreaking. It portrayed an abusive parent getting what they deserved. Not necessarily death, but being rejected by their child.

  25. Is that not heartbreaking? Not that the child rejects their parent but that there is a situation in which the child needs to reject their parent?

  26. This and the helicopter scene are probably my favorites from the season. Papa was such a manipulative and cruel, messed up man, and seeing El not give him what he wants is very powerful. Despite this, you can see the many conflicting emotions in her face (how does Millie do that??). It’s very emotional. She finally can kind of close that big chapter of her past a little bit and walk forward on her own, but we know a part of her is sad, too. Not necessarily because he’s dying, but their screwed up relationship is a bit complicated. He fools himself into thinking he loves her, and she knows it’s not true, but they have such a long history together.

  27. I loved this scene and I felt it in my heart, for sure. I think Eleven really sought his love all her life. She wanted to be truly loved and cared for, the way she is with Mike and her new friends, and Hopper and Joyce. And now that she knows what it's supposed to feel like and look like, she knows what she missed out on. He lied to her and manipulated her. He was abusive to her and cruel. Papa never gave her what she wanted. And here, in the end, she doesn't give him what he wants, either.

  28. I might get downvoted for this, but people shouldn’t be on this sub if they haven’t finished the season, also it’s been a month and a half so it’s their problem if they get spoiled. Idk if I’m wrong though

  29. Oh yeah cause putting a bomb around elevens neck really caused me to exude spouts of joy, are you serious? let him die he’s tormented her all her life lol

  30. He didn’t put a bomb around her neck. It was a shock collar. Still severely messed up, but definitely not a bomb.

  31. 100% that waffle. (I'm assuming you meant twat waffle, but you've now given me a work friendly option and for that I applaud you.)

  32. The first thing I think of when I’m reminded of this scene is how epic the soundtrack was. It was a proper movie moment. Really well done.

  33. Heartbreaking? I stood up and fucking cheered. His death was heartwarming for me, fuck that guy. I've been waiting anxiously for his entirely-too-late death since the first season.

  34. I actually think it is heartbreaking in a way, this man devoted his life to training these kids in the pursuit of knowledge, but he was an abusive paternal figure, especially to El. He mentally tortured her by doing all those experiments on her and put her in harm's way by exposing her to the gates in the Upside Down.

  35. do people really believe in this comment section that brenner WANTED el dead based on the other numbers attacking her? please let’s use common sense. she was being manipulated by henry.

  36. I don't know how many people watched the interviews that came out soon around the release of the recent season but it seemed like the actor that played this character felt like he wasn't necessarily a bad guy. I found that confusing because he is a kidnapper and abuser and was pretty selfish.

  37. He's not dead. I simply do not believe it. He survived a Demogorgon to the face. He can handle a few rounds from however many yards away. I suspect he'll come back and either help the crew or, more likely, manipulate Henry into getting "In" with the Mind Flayer and usurp power somehow.

  38. Please don’t put such large spoilers in your title… 😭 I know “stay off Reddit then” will be an inevitable reply, but I just have the last two episodes left and people have been great about tagging spoilers otherwise… this sure was a bummer to see on my home page lol

  39. The only way it was heartbreaking was that once more this man was trying to take something from Eleven by asking her on his deathbed—basically trying to manipulate her—into forgiving him for all the horrible shit he’s done to her by saying “it was actually all because I cared for you” like that’s how love works. That broke my heart, that she had to go through that moment. But then she handled it wonderfully and found empowerment through his manipulation like the strong, badass she is. Other than that, no, nothing about it was sad.

  40. I didn’t think this was sad at all. He was an awful person and was only trying to redeem himself so he could screw over El again. I think it was reluctantly a relief to Eleven that he died, even if it was a little bittersweet.

  41. Heartbreaking? I was like “Eleven! Eleven! Don’t go towards him! Leave him to die alone!” “Snap his neck mid-sentence Eleven!”

  42. I don’t believe he’s “dead”. The scene ends with him in a Christ pose, which in film means there will likely be a rebirth of sorts.

  43. Honestly, imagine getting rejected as you're dying and realize everything you did as a monster really wasn't for the greater good because that one person to make it feel ok just stared at you as you made your last breath.

  44. I just watched that episode last night and was quite surprised he died. How is this image not hidden!? I would've been pissed lmao

  45. Is he really, actually dead though? I understand that it’s entirely possible that he is but in the back of my head I still wonder if he really is or not.

  46. I been waiting for this dude to die the moment he showed up. Fuck this dude he doesn't deserve any type of sympathy.

  47. It wasn’t sad for me at all. Brenner was an evil man in my eyes. Stealing children from their mothers and literally electrically lobotomizing them so they can’t come back for their kids. He develops a weird “papa” relationship with these prisoners and uses and manipulates them so they can assassinate targets deemed a threat. When the kids say they don’t want to hurt anyone or anything (the cat in season 1) he tortures them further by throwing them into solitary confinement. This guy was an utter bastard. Akin to Josef Mengele with his experimentation on children. I was glad to see him die and to see eleven give him the “fuck you” before he closed his eyes.

  48. Are you kidding? I laughed and we all cheered “finally” when that asshole died! I hope he’s dead dead and not fake dead again. Please tell me you are fucking kidding….

  49. I don’t think a lot of people understood the depth of his death and the impact it had on El. He was a man with a very twisted idea of love, and who knows how much of his own trauma contributed to that. As much of an asshole as he was, I think somewhere deep down, he actually did care about the children. As for el, that was the first father figure she knew for so long, and even if he was twisted, that’s not to say it didn’t cause her pain.

  50. Eddie's death hit different because he was one of the only good characters in that season, just like how they killed off Alexei.

  51. Not heartbreaking. Still don’t even know how he survived season one. We saw him get taken down by a deomogorgan. I was so pissed when they brought him back without even bothering to show how he somehow survived.

  52. This post was how I found out about Eddie dying, while watching the last episode (I only started watching the show last week) I hadn’t even joined this subreddit, but Reddit decided I should see this post for some reason.

  53. The man was a self-serving narcissist who used his dying breath to once again attempt to manipulate the situation to make himself seem sympathetic. His entire argument is he abused and tortured these kids because he loved them. But even after screwing up time and time again to the point of kids being literally massacred he never gives up because HE can't fail in his mind, it matters little the number of corpses in his path, he just needs to be right and succeed at his task.

  54. It was deserved. I hated the fact that they tried to make him seem sympathetic at the end. A child abuser is a child abuser full stop.

  55. His story arc in the last season was literally the writers justifying everything terrible that happened to eleven and then tried to redeem him or something at the end.


  57. I felt something but not as much as I felt for Eddie I mean I felt more of something with Billy's death then anyone's death in stranger things 😭

  58. Okkkk but we did not actually see this man pass to the afterlife which is what scares me 🥲😂

  59. I didn't think it was very heartbreaking but i understand how it could be. But I felt like Brenner was a real POS for doing what he did so 🤷‍♀️

  60. It lost a lot of impact due to being the second time he "died" and with still no explanation on how he survived the first time.

  61. Me and my friends kept laughing cause someone said “walter white” and that 2 seconds of name drop was good enough for us to associate this scene with breaking bad lol

  62. Matthew Modine brought a lot of emotion to the scene. Great actor. The character deserved it, though. Glad El didn't give him absolution.

  63. I thought it was a really good death. El had a lot of attachment to Brenner, but after everything he’d done to her he didn’t deserve to get closure.

  64. I dont know about heartbreaking, it was interesting. It was interesting to see him at least for a moment as a person a deeply flawed human. It was a sudden shade of grey i didnt expect, not that it changes anything about what he has done

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